Selection Case 3 bottles (2 Reserva de la Familia + 1 Ermita d’Espiells)

2 Reserva Familia + 1 Ermita d'Espiells

A wooden gift case with an assortment of our iconic Reserva de la Familia and Ermita d’Espiells. Penedes in its pure estate.

3 bottles / box
75 cl x 3



  • Tasting note Reserva de la Familia: Reserva de la Familia can't be subjected to a cold sensory analysis. Because it is associated with important moments: toasts, celebrations, anniversaries... So much so that it has lodged itself in our sensorial memory on the same level as our grandmother’s much-adored dishes. With one exception: while the flavour of those dear dishes can only live on in our memory, the excitement of once again enjoying a glass of Reserva de la Familia is always within reach.
    Federico OldenBurg · Wine & Food Writer
    Ermita d'Espiells: Pale straw-yellow in colour with greenish highlights, this clean and brilliant wine displays clean aromas of fresh white fruit (pear, apple) with subtle floral undertones (white blossoms) and a citrusy (lemon), herbaceous nuance. Balanced on the palate, very refreshing and evocative. A delicate and subtle wine.
  • Gastronomy Reserva de la Familia: Reserva de la Familia is a must for any occasion, family celebrations or friendly reunions.
    Ermita d'Espiells: Delicate and subtle, Ermita d’Espiells is a perfect partner for light fresh dishes, as well and veggie food.
  • Appellation of origin D.O. Cava & D.O. Penedès