5 gift ideas for cava and wine lovers

2021 / 22 / 09
gadgets cava y vino juve y camps

Everything that surrounds gastronomy is in fashion in our country and it’s not a passing fad. We must never forget that, as good Mediterranean, we don’t understand meetings and celebrations without a tablecloth in between, equipped with succulent delicacies and watered with the best wines and cavas, such as those offered by Juvé & Camps winery.

But the world that surrounds the culture of wine and cava goes much further: experiences, accessories and essential packs to have at home or to give to your most sybarite friend:

visit cavas juve y camps enotourism

Gran Reserva Tour

The two centuries of history that cavas Juvé & Camps will surprise the most staunch of the vine culture. Through this oenological experience, you will visit a place full of history and a unique architectural value, in small groups of up to six people.

After strolling among the vineyards in Penedès, you will witness live the spectacular artisan disgorging process, through which the yeasts concentrated in the neck of the cava bottle are eliminated. The experience is completed with a Reserva cava tasting and the route ends with an excellent food and wine experience, through the tasting of three high-quality cavas (Essential, Blanc de Noirs and Gran Juvé & Camps), paired with a selection of local gastronomy products.

Oenological visits can be made both from Monday to Friday and on weekends, strictly complying with all sanitary and safety distance measures.

copa beach privé

Beach Privé Glass

If you cannot go through life without attracting attention and giving the striking touch of color, here is the definitive glass to take with you to the most diverse places: a picnic on the beach, for a special celebration in the garden, on a excursion… Beach Privé glasses in fuchsia are made with a particularly resistant material so that you can enjoy your Juvé & Camps cavas anywhere.

ice bucket eco

Eco Ice Bucket

This accessory, perfect for keeping your cavas and wines at the ideal temperature, shows that elegance does not have to be in conflict with sustainability. The professional ice bucket made from Eco Wood, is in line with Juvé & Camps’ philosophy, which scrupulously respects nature cycles and bases its crops on sustainability and organic viticulture. With a sophisticated look, you will unite the tradition of what is well done with natural products.

cava reserva de la familia juvé y camps

Magnum Reserva de la Familia

If you want to have success, take with you the liter and a half bottle of Reserva de la Familia of Juvé & Camps. It’s inserted in an elegant and refined box made of FSC certified natural wood, stained in dark brown and silkscreened for the occasion.

This iconic cava of the brand was initially intended for the exclusive consumption of Juvé family, and it’s the best-selling Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva in the world. Its flavor is tremendously seductive; fresh, vibrant and with a long finish that invites you to repeat. A unique cava for occasions that deserve it.

Tempo 1921 Club

If a special birthday is approaching and the recipient already has everything, absolutely everything, give away access to the exclusive Juvé & Camps Club where you can enjoy a 360 experience related to enogastronomy:

-Exclusive private sale and dinner-pairing.

-Virtual and face-to-face tastings.

-Guided visits.

-Tutorials, news.

-Exclusive welcome pack.

-Birthday surprises…

These five proposals will make you look like a king and will expand your arsenal of possibilities around wine and cava. Welcome to the world of Juvé & Camps.