The best Juvé & Camps cavas to take you on a picnic

2021 / 20 / 07
cavas juve y camps para llevarse de picnic

For gastronomy and nature lovers, with a point of improvisation, a picnic is a very pleasant option to enjoy a gastronomic experience in a relaxed, quiet environment and far from the madding crowd. Garnish it with D.O. Cava products, which will perfectly finish any meeting on the countryside around a tablecloth.

For tastes, colors. But the key of a picnic is to bring food ready to serve and eat, which does not require laborious preparation once you have reached the chosen place. Bare in mind that each Juvé & Camps cava combines in a special way with certain foods. Here are six safe bets:

Milesimé, Reserva Brut D.O. Cava

If you are a cheese expert, surely you have paired this delicacy with wine many times, but you can also be seduced by a Reserva Brut cava that is best accompanied with products with an intense flavor such as cheddar, blue, cabrales, Gruyere or Roquefort. This variety of cava is only offered during the best vintages, from the flower must of the chardonnay variety grapes from Espiells estate. With a spectacular golden color, superb foam, fine and abundant bubbles, it has lively notes of white fruit (peach, apple), honey, grapefruit, toast and dairy notes. With such a union, you will take the marriage between cheese and Reserva Brut to a supreme level.

Reserva de la Familia, Gran Reserva Brut Nature, D.O. Cava

One option that is very fashionable, for more rotund country meals, are the pork or beef burritos, with tasty rice and spices. This type of meat harmonizes with the world’s best-selling Gran Reserva Brut Nature cava, which will help you enjoy this hearty dish even more. The mixture of flavors of this food is finished off perfectly with some initial cava notes of ripe white fruits, to later give rise to nuances of bread, toast and spices.

Cinta Púrpura, Reserva Brut D.O. Cava

Hummus is a perfect meal to complement with breadsticks, pita bread or even with strips of raw vegetables such as carrots, red pepper, celery or zucchini. It is a very healthy, smooth and rich dish that combines very well with this bright-colored Reserva Brut cava with greenish reflections. Aromatically it evokes white fruits and floral notes of toast. Its passage through mouth, bright and with distinguished acidity, will allow you to unite the sensations of drink and food with a long finish.

Blanc de Noirs, Reserva Brut D.O. Cava

Quiches are very tasty and attractive. Its variety is infinite: onion, prawns and leeks, spinach and cod … We are in front of a sophisticated dish but at the same time easy to carry (due to its solid final result) and that combines very well with cava. This Reserva Brut of Juvé & Camps is a surprising interpretation of pinot noir grape variety. The manual harvest and a gentle pressing system avoid the must coloring and offer a combination of effervescence and sustained freshness. The salty cake original from France -based on beaten eggs and liquid cream- will surpass itself after pairing it with the unique and inimitable Blanc de Noirs.

Nèctar Blanc, Reserva Dulce D.O. Cava / Brut Rosé, D.O. Cava

The moment of the final roll has arrived, the one most awaited by the sweet-toothed of the group. If the end is finished with pastries, the best option is a Reserva Dulce. Made with macabeo, xarel·lo and parellada varieties, its balance between sweetness and acidity and a creamy texture offer a pleasant sensation on the palate. In the case that you’re one of those who raises the white flag and prefers, to close, something light such as forest fruits (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.), you will opt for a Rosé Brut. Its notes of cherries and strawberries, wrapped in hints of honey, toast and floral memories, will leave you with a round flavor.

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