El Rosado 2022 from Pagos de Anguix, the revival of the historic claret from Ribera del Duero

2023 / 29 / 03
El Rosado Pagos de Anguix 2022

The Rosado from Pagos de Anguix debuts a vintage where the climate has been especially warm and mastery in viticulture and water management in the vineyard have been key to providing quality to this wine, a coupage of tinto fino and albillo mayor.

Pagos de Anguix presents its 2022 vintage of El Rosado, a wine that pays tribute to the historic clarets of the Ribera del Duero and that, in this exceptionally warm vintage, is a sample of the optimal management of the field during the vine cycle .

The Rosé from Pagos de Anguix is a blend of the Tinto Fino varieties from the winery’s own vineyards, located in Olmedillo de Roa, and Albillo Mayor from a very special estate owned by a trusted viticulturist, both between 20 and 30 years old. old and planted in calcareous clay soils. The altitude of the vines, some 850 meters above sea level, is key at this latitude, in a limit zone of cultivation, to maintain the fresh character of the wines in an environment of climate change and especially in the 2022 vintage, marked by intense heat and the absence of water in the field.

The heat waves and drought of 2022 caused the field team to choose not to defoliate or de-vein the vine, in order to leave the bunches more protected from the sun and thus prevent them from dehydrating and losing the necessary acidity that provides balance to the wines . In the winery, work was done to preserve the finer tannins of the wines and achieve a pleasant texture on the palate. All the work was focused on maintaining the fruit potential and maturity offered by the harvest. The two varieties were harvested manually and the controlled fermentation and aging process was oriented at all times to achieve a complex wine and not without freshness. The wine then remained in the barrel for three months.

It is an expressive and fruity rosé, with nuances of honey and wild flowers typical of the riverside white albillo. Fragrant, with a silky texture, with a long journey on the palate and a fresh finish.

It is a wine that revives the profile of the classic clarets from the Ribera del Duero, with a mixture of white and red grapes to maintain fresh aromas and flavors with a predominance of fruit.

El Rosado from Pagos de Anguix revisits a traditional Ribera production such as claret, which maintains harmony between the fruit of the Tinto Fino variety and the honeyed and floral notes of the Albillo Mayor. A balanced and full-bodied wine in the mouth, gastronomic, which in this vintage preserves its freshness thanks to the exceptional work in the field and in the cellar by the entire team, who has managed to counteract the difficulties presented by the warmth of the 2022 vintage.” comments the winemaker José Manuel Pérez Ovejas, head of the Pagos de Anguix technical team.

It is a versatile, round, gastronomic wine that can be uncorked fresh from the cellar or wait a few months to enjoy its maximum fullness of aromas and flavors.