Refresh your summer with Juvé & Camps’ sparkling wines

2022 / 25 / 05
fresh sparkling wine for this summer, milesimé Juvé & Camps

Spring is already beginning to face its final stretch, with a summer that, this year, has the determined intention of establishing itself long before the count. The planning of all the summer activities is already in full effervescence -excursions to be in contact with nature, trips to the most extreme and remote corners of the planet, celebrations of San Joan and the end of the year…- like the three refreshing sparkling wines that Juvé & Camps offers you for this spring-summer period:

cava rosado milesimé rosé juvé & camps

Milesimé Rosé, Cava Gran Reserva Brut Rosé

This sparkling wine from Juvé & Camps grows in Torre de Can Rius, located within the Espiells estate. The terroir has a characteristic clayey-calcareous soil, deep, fresh and with remains of marine fossils, which ends up generating a sparkling rosé endowed with a magnificent creaminess that will fill you with sensations.

We are at the gates of a heat wave period in which pink, in all its breadth and colour variety, is going to be the main protagonist. From fuchsias to pastel pinks, the gorgeous pale pink of this sparkling wine will be very trendy on tables across the country. The Milesimé Rosé, adorned by infinite strings of tiny bubbles, is finished off with a white crown, compact and persistent, which will illuminate your table in the happy and eternal summer after-dinner conversations and will also give it a notable touch of distinction.

Fresh and sweet on palate at the same time, in it we can distinguish clear notes of ripe cherries. This rosé cava is the perfect companion for rock fish, seafood-based rice dishes, cured cheeses, white meats, mushrooms and grilled vegetables. An explosion of flavour that will accompany a wide variety of culinary products.

cava reserva brut milesimé juvé & camps

Milesimé, Cava Reserva Brut

In the spring months and, especially during the binomial of July and August, the colour of purity, white, rules. A light shade that is closely linked to summer. The same purity shown by this variety of Reserva Brut cava -100% organic Chardonnay, harvested by hand-, which only comes to light during the best vintages offered by the Can Rius estate of the Juvé & Camps winery.

With a spectacular golden colour, superb foam and fine bubbles, it has notes of white fruit, honey, grapefruit, toasted bread and dairy memories. The combination of the microclimate of the area, the soil, the grape variety used by Juvé & Camps and even the layout of the vineyard, give Milesimé a unique terroir, away from industrial processes.

On palate, this sparkling wine is full, with clear freshness, remarkable intensity and fabulous creaminess. The finish is elegant and very persistent, like the apotheosis that is the end of the course, finished off and paired with pastry desserts.

cava singular de juvé y camps

Singular, Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature

The floral and vegetal elements are not leaving anyone indifferent during this semester. Motives that fill clothes and accessories with life, such as the intense aroma of white fruits and fennel from this organic cava from Penedès, finished off with notes of brioche typical of its long aging -36 months on average. Singular blends, in a very fluid way, with fish and shellfish zarzuelas, marmitakos, poultry stews, rice dishes and vegetarian dishes.

The grape is a very delicate fruit, which is treated by Juvé & Camps with extreme care, using natural methods for the growth of the vine and pest control. For this reason, it treats the xarel·lo variety used for this sparkling wine with great care, taking advantage of the conditions offered by the natural environment of Penedès (this grape variety grows in the Espiells and Can Rius vineyards).

Its pleasant pale yellow, has a continuous effervescence that ends in a stable crown, thanks to the rise of small and ephemeral bubbles, like the bites between meals that are enjoyed to the fullest during your vacation period.

Three proposals from Juvé & Camps to refresh the most special moments this spring-summer season; fill your cups also in fashion.