What does parcel or “terroir” cavas mean?

2024 / 19 / 03
Colección Milesimé Parcelarios de Juvé & Camps

The world of wine and cava has multiple words that may seem complicated when in reality they are very easy to understand. Their knowledge will allow you to specialize as an oenophile and understand more precisely the characteristics of a wine or cava.

Parcel cavas, or wines, are those made with grapes grown in specific plots of a vineyard. They are also known as “de terroir” cavas because they reflect the unique characteristics of the terrain. Each vineyard plot is different in terms of soil type, altitude, sun exposure, microclimate… which influences the flavor, aroma and quality of the grapes.

The winegrower is in charge of carefully studying each part of the land and making the most appropriate viticulture decisions. This includes choosing varieties, growing practices and the evolution of grape maturity together with winemakers.

The most valued thing about local wines and cavas is their complexity. Each terroir provides different nuances that become a challenge for wine lovers, who enjoy a wide range of aromas, flavors and textures.

Milesimé Parcelarios Collection, the most unique and elegant expression of our terroir

If you are a lover of parcel cavas or want to discover them, we invite you to enter the Milesimé universe. A collection of four sparkling wines that will challenge all your senses.

cava milesimé xarel·lo de Juvé y Camps junto a bandeja de queso

Milesimé Xarel·lo · Estate l’Olivera

Milesimé Xarel·lo displays an inexhaustible effervescence of tiny bubbles. Its intense aroma of white fruits and fennel transports you to that landscape of L’Olivera, between hills and farmhouses, and to a xarel·lo in all its splendor. Its wild and fresh fragrance is nuanced with appetizing notes of freshly baked brioche and light creamy touches, typical of prolonged aging. It enters widely on the palate, which is caressed by the vibrant and velvety passage of its bubbles, creating a voluptuous and pleasant sensation. It is rich and expressive, juicy and long-lasting like the taste of a beautiful reunion.

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Milesimé Chardonnay · Estate Can Rius

Its golden tones and full bubble attract attention when served in the glass. It is harmonious, giving off a soft melody of fleshy fruit notes, of melon and vine peach and flashes of grapefruit citrus. It expresses itself slowly and seductively with touches of honey and pain grillé and light lactic notes that make up a rich aromatic palette. On the palate it is an explosion of flavors that fill the mouth. Its texture is gentle and silky, creamy, with a generous and full finish, of exquisite sensuality.

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Cava Milesimé Blanc de Noirs con selección de queso

Milesimé Blanc de Noirs · Estate Rieral

At first glance it is a golden sparkling wine, but upon receiving the reflection of the light you can perceive that soul of pinot noir that is then exuberant on the nose: white and stone fruits that are surrounded by attractive aromas of red berries and freshly fresh cherries. honey, flower honey, pain grillé and a cheerful citrus note that awakens curiosity to drink it. In the mouth, the red fruit at its peak reappears, juicy, dancing to the tireless sound of the bubbles, forming a creamy and fresh, elegantly intense whole.

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Cava Juvé & Camps Milesimé Pinot Noir Rosé

Milesimé Rosé Pinot Noir · Estate Rieral

It is an attractive sparkling wine from the first glance, subtle on the nose, with notes of crisp red fruit, touches of roses and delicate floral notes. In the mouth it is juicy and broad, velvety and seductive, with pleasant nuances that provide freshness; with a hedonistic palate, with a fruity finish and a silky touch.

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