What is the ecological sexual confusion system and how is it used in the vineyard?

2023 / 12 / 09
Juvé & Camps vineyards

The mating confusion system is an ecological alternative to chemical control of the cluster moth, vine moth or lobesia botrana pest. This technique does not alter the biological balance and is very efficient in controlling this butterfly.

How does this system based on pheromones work?

In the reproductive phase of the vine moth, the male must find the female by following the pheromone trail. Depending on the intensity of these, the male can locate the exact position of the female.

Through the method of sexual confusion, it is intended that the male does not find the female and, therefore, they cannot procreate. The system releases synthetic pheromones in the vineyard to confuse the male.

What advantages does this method of pest control have?

The most notable benefit of sexual confusion is that it is environmentally friendly and does not interfere with the rest of the fauna. Furthermore, it is not a device that exterminates living beings, it only controls their reproduction.

Why has the system of sexual confusion been chosen in the vineyards of Juvé & Camps and Pagos de Anguix?

It is the best system we have to combat the cluster moth infestation while respecting the environment. It allows us to take care of our organic vineyards without generating a negative impact on our environment.

It is a very clean and effective method. Since 2006 we have been using passive diffusers and the technique has improved a lot to this day. We only need about two devices per hectare to control pests.

The Puffer system we use only works at night, releasing pheromones only when necessary, so it is very respectful of the environment.

At Juvé & Camps, we opt for the kindest and most respectful techniques with nature, taking care of the vineyard and our environment.