“A life between cavas” with Joan Juvé, President of Juvé & Camps

2022 / 05 / 08

We are in the Juvé & Camps winery, in the “Celler d’Espiells” in an atmosphere of pure serenity, between barrels where still wines rest. In this very special space, Joan Juvé tells us about some milestones in the history of Juvé & Camps.

How does it feel to celebrate 100 years of Juvé & Camps?

100 years is a milestone. So many things happen in 100 years… one feels with the memory of the grandparents, father, uncle, who raised this entire company and one also feels responsible for this continuity that now passes to the 4th generation that is in charge of this company.

How do you imagine the next 100 years of Juvé & Camps?

This is already having a lot of imagination (laughs). I have already done my job, I try to integrate myself into all the issues, but from a presidency that is no longer executive. So, I look to help the new generation, I think they are doing very well and I predict that the way we have structured the company, I predict another 100 years of success and overcoming all difficulties with this creative spirit and belonging.

What changes does being able to produce organic wines and cavas imply?

For more than 10 years we have been working the vineyard in a sustainable way and with a tendency to the ecological theme. When the organic certification was formalized, we were among the first and we have come to gather our entire vineyard as organic. There are 450 hectares of land, but 290 of vineyards. Gathering all this vineyard under the condition that everything be organic shows that we have a great concern for the issue of preserving nature and being able to offer our consumers products of the highest guarantee and quality.

With the celebration of the centenary, you have been encouraged to open your winery to the public. How did this initiative come about?

For many years, we have managed to introduce our products, especially our Reserva de la Familia, in many homes. These families have opened the doors of their homes to us and it was time for us to open ours to them as well. Until now, visits had been made but had focused more on customers and at the business level. Now, with the opening of our wine tourism department, we hope to have a very favorable response, that people come to visit us and find out what Juvé & Camps is and what we can offer them.

Thank you very much Mr. Joan Juvé, a true honor to be able to share this talk with you.