A special Milesimé for every unique occasion

2023 / 23 / 01
cava milesime juve y camps

New Year’s resolutions are linked to objectives, desires and dreams with which to color the next twelve months. Throughout 2023, you will have the opportunity to materialize your day-to-day life with special moments, washed down with the best proposals for Juvé & Camps cavas.

At Juvé & Camps we are aware that each unique moment can only be accompanied by unique premium cavas such as the Milesimé collection (Xarel·lo 2017, Chardonnay 2018 and Blanc de Noirs 2018), which reflects the best of the Penedès terroirs. These are three sparkling Gran Reserva, monovarietals from exceptional vintages, with long aging (36 months), which will excellently round off future iconic moments of your 2023.

milesimé blanc de noirs juvé y camps

Milesimé Blanc de Noirs, a jewel from the air

Feeling light and free like a bird is sublime, but the experience is magnified when combined with wonderful views. This is a precise Gran Reserva cava, which requires a very delicate pressing to obtain the purest juice of the grapes, like the air that sways the fabric of a balloon flying over the vineyards of the Juvé & Camps estates. This Blanc de Noirs, made from Pinot Noir, has a magnetic personality that leaves no one indifferent.

Imagine what it would be like to lose yourself with your partner, scanning the endless horizon with a glass of Milesimé Blanc de Noirs accompanied by some pieces of salmon sushi…

juvé y camps milesimé chardonnay estuche

Immerse yourself in the immensity of the sea with Milesimé Chardonnay

Sunny days are the perfect opportunity to enjoy a short cruise along the coast of Sitges.

You will lose yourself to the sound of the waves, which will rock you in a hypnotic ritual that will captivate you with the golden tones and the bubbles of the Milesimé Chardonnay. Fleshy fruity notes (melon and vineyard peach) and flashes of grapefruit slowly combine with hints of honey, toasted bread and light lactic notes. All this amalgamation of organoleptic sensations will mean an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

Pair it with an appetizing snack based on a table of smoked meats and consider yourself a sea lion…

cava gran reserva milesimé xarel·lo juvé y camps

Feel the terroir through Milesimé Xarel·lo

You are surrounded by family in one of the many rural house options that exist throughout the Penedès, surrounded by vineyards and nature. You are in one of those spring days in which the weather is not quite sure if it imposes the rigors of winter or the temperance of the sunny weather.

After a real meal, it’s time to uncork one of those after-dinches that never seem to want to end. Do not hesitate, open a Milesimé Xarel·lo and transport your diners with its intense aroma of white fruits and fennel to the landscapes of L’Olivera, between hills and farmhouses. After tasting such a unique Gran Reserva cava, who cares if it rains or shines outside?

With the Juvé & Camps Milesimé collection, it doesn’t matter if your imagination leads you to fly like an eagle, if your mental projections make you dive like a mermaid or if your dreams are always surrounded by nature. Every special occasion can always be accompanied by a premium Juvé & Camps cava.