Anna Casabona, 3rd from Spain in the #Best Sommelier UAES contest

2022 / 28 / 04
anna casabona sumiller juve y camps

Within the framework of the Salón Gourmets, which is held from April 25 to 28, the Spanish Sommeliers Championship has been held. An event where the sensitivity and organoleptic precision of experts from all corners of the country are put to the test.

Anna Casabona, sommelier of Juvé & Camps, has participated in this new edition achieving a meritorious 3rd position. Anna has a degree in viticulture and oenology from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and she combines her work at Juvé & Camps with university teaching. At Juvé & Camps we are very proud to have Anna Casabona, one of the best sommeliers in Spain, on our team. Thanks to her contribution, her tireless work and her talent, we ensure that our sparkling wines offer unique, rich and varied organoleptic sensations with delicately selected harmonies.

To win the award, Anna Casabona overcame two heats. In the semifinal, the contestants faced a written questionnaire and a written wine tasting. The grand finale consisted of a rapid test, an oral wine tasting, an erroneous menu, identification of distillates, spirits and drinks, and decanting and serving a bottle of wine.