Be the best host this summer with Juvé & Camps

2022 / 05 / 07
maridar vinos y quesos

With good weather, social interactions multiply and the desire to go out that has remained, more or less lethargic, since winter and spring materialises. With these four little host tips, which we present to you below, and the pairing of premium wines and Juvé & Camps cavas, you will leave your guests speechless and create a themed meeting/party that will be famous among your friends:

Think deeply about who you will invite

A high percentage of your success will depend on all the guests fitting in harmoniously. It’s a previous work that you must meditate deeply, do not do it in a crazy way. Your ability to marry personalities and create a relaxed, festive and uninhibited atmosphere will depend on whether the evening goes smoothly.

Generate expectation and break the ice with a Brut Rosé, D.O. Cava

To become a summer classic, you can start generating expectation with a whatsapp group (between two weeks and a month before the event), with a name and a photo that advances the theme of the meeting, but without revealing it. An Ibizan party can be a perfect common thread, in which the gleaming white in the clothes of the attendees stands out, as well as that of the crockery and decorative elements that preside over the table.

If the party starts in the afternoon, when the sun has not yet left the horizon, he receives your guests with a standing cocktail, encouraging all the guests to connect and thus breaking the initial ice.

Surprise, in an immaculate white environment, with a Rossini cocktail, combined with the youngest and sweetest sparkling wine from Juvé & Camps, the Brut Rosé. Its notes of red fruits (cherries and strawberries), strawberry puree and ice cubes will make up a smooth and refreshing mix. An ice-cold fluted glass will crown this tasty deep red cocktail. With this spectacular start, nothing can go wrong…

Take care of the details and surprise with the white wine Viver d’Espiells, D.O. Penedès and the red Prado Lobo, D.O. Ribera del Duero

The strategy to surprise and please begins before the meeting. The more information you have on the tastes of your guests (what foods make them lose their senses and, on the other side, if they have allergies or food intolerances and what dishes they hate) the more options you will have for success.

Once the diners go to the table for dinner, use a minute (small cardboard or paper on which the menu is reflected) to put an end to their doubts.

Bearing in mind that it is a nightly agape, base yourself on light and smooth creations such as the watermelon, tomato and avocado tartar. This dish will make a perfect tandem with the white wine Viver d’Espiells, the new bet of the Penedès wineries, based on Malvasia de Sitges (a type of vine native to the region). This proposal stands out for being very expressive aromatically, with floral notes and fresh fruit.

You can also opt for white meats, which are easier to digest, and decide on baked chicken fajitas or chicken breasts stuffed with berry sauce. These proposals will pair very well with a Prado Lobo, a complex and intense red wine, aged for a long time, the result of the exceptional 2017 harvest. 

Mobile phones out! Attentive to unexpected situations

As the host you should try to make the conversation flow in the best possible way. To do this, ditch the tech for a few hours and have attendees leave their devices in another room, away from the table, so everyone can focus on the conversation and the physical world. And if topics like politics, religion, or sports fanaticism are making things tense, step in to another softer topic, like the latest Netflix or HBO series you have watched. Everyone will thank you.

By following these simple tips and accompanying your meetings with cavas and premium white, red and rosé wines from Juvé & Camps, you will be the most applauded and envied host, in equal parts.