Juvé & Camps present at the NATO gala dinner in Madrid

2022 / 01 / 07
cena con juve y camps otan

Juvé & Camps has been the sparkling wine chosen to pair the menu -designed by the famous Asturian chef José Andrés- of the dinner prior to the NATO summit, which has brought together 40 international leaders and 5,000 attendees from half of the planet in Madrid, between June the 28th and 30th.

In a solemn atmosphere, the guests (highest representatives of the 30 NATO partner countries, allies such as South Korea, Finland and Sweden and representatives of the European Union) shared the table on the eve of the start of the Atlantic Alliance Summit in the capital of Spain. Madrid has been, for three days, the planet’s epicentre, with a deployment of 10,000 troops and state security forces, ensuring that the meeting runs normally.

The committed chef José Andrés, founder of the NGO World Central Kitchen, has been in charge of serving a menu prepared by three prestigious Spanish chefs: Pepa Muñoz, Diego Guerrero and Carlos Tejedor. The proposals have had clear overtones of homage to Ukrainian cuisine.

The starter consisted of a Kyiv salad with tomato, moving on to a cod in brine as the main course, to close with creamy tender almonds with cherry. The trio of chosen wines have been Verdejo, Rioja and Cava Brut Reserva from Juvé & Camps.

It is not surprising that a sparkling wine from Juvé & Camps, a century-old brand with a successful trajectory, which is firmly committed to integrated and organic viticulture, respecting the natural cycles of the earth, has been selected for such a great event.

cena con juve y camps otan

Cavas and wines for special occasions

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*Main photo provided by elpais.com