Celebrate your event in the historic spaces of Juvé & Camps

2023 / 25 / 10
Event room Juvé y Camps

After two centuries of history, Juvé & Camps opens its doors to share the spaces that have seen the birth and growth of some of the best sparkling wines in the world. A century-old winery open to hosting any type of event.

Celler d’Espiells is an authentic architectural jewel in the heart of our vineyards. Celebrate your event in its spaces of incomparable beauty, available for rent.

Spaces with history that will magnify your event

The Courtyard

It is the most emblematic space of the Juvé & Camps House. The size of the space allows for large dinners, exhibitions and fairs to be held. At the end of the Plaza stands the Miranda, a watchtower that offers spectacular views of the vineyard and the entire region.

La plaza, alquiler de espacios Juvé & Camps

The Hall

Surrounded by nature, this large room enjoys a spectacular entrance of natural light and an attached garden with all the grape varieties from the estates owned by Juvé & Camps.

Salón, alquiler de espacios Juvé & Camps

The Gallery

This space is dedicated to the production of still wines for cava. It is a long corridor of tubs, with a capacity of one and a half million liters, presided over by an emblematic orange “trencadís”.

Galería, alquiler de espacios Juvé & Camps

The Tasting Room

With incredible views of the Montserrat mountain, this professional tasting room is surrounded by a vineyard planted with the different grape varieties from the different estates on the property.

Sala de catas, alquiler de espacios Juvé & Camps

The Kitchen

A space worthy of the kitchens of the best restaurants in the world and that reinforces Juvé & Camps’ passion for gastronomy. This newly built kitchen, attached to the Living Room, is fully equipped for large events.

Cocina, alquiler de espacios Juvé & Camps

The Sanctuary

Going into the depths of the d’Espiells winery, we find this underground room with an architecture of Catalan vault ceilings, alien to everything that surrounds the House.

Refugio, alquiler de espacios Juvé & Camps

The Cellar

Among the underground corridors of the Espiells winery is this open-plan, multipurpose space, adaptable to events of a special nature.

Bodega, alquiler de espacios Juvé & Camps

All the details, dimensions, plans and photos of the different spaces can be consulted on our website, from where you can request a quote. There is also a catalog available to help you organize your event.