8 gastronomic proposals to harmonize with Juvé & Camps sparkling wines

2023 / 31 / 10
Cava Milesimé Blanc de Noirs con selección de queso

Sitting at the table in front of a gastronomic delight and a sparkling wine that harmonizes the moment is a pleasure that you can treat yourself to whenever you feel like it. We propose eight recipes that pair with our selection of sparkling wines.

J&C Essential Pinot Noir & Mediterranean focaccia

For those moments of anecdotes between friends, a focaccia of cherry tomatoes, onion and olives along with a glass of our captivating J&C Essential Pinot Noir, a rosé that pays tribute to red fruit.

Focaccia con cava Juvé & Camps Essential Pinot Noir

J&C Essential Xarel·lo & Poke Bowl with Scottish Salmon

Ideal to break the routine of the week. Enjoy an informal encounter with the trendy exotic dish and the company of a J&C Essential Xarel·lo, fresh, lively and restless.

Poke bowl de salmón con cava Essential Xarel·lo

J&C Milesimé Xarel·lo & Mushroom Risotto

Nothing better than autumn to enjoy seasonal mushrooms. Prepare a delicious risotto and let yourself be seduced by our Gran Reserva Brut Nature Milesimé Xarel·lo. Large, complex and elegant, made with our Xarel·lo from L’Olivera.

Risotto de setas con cava Juvé & Camps Milesimé Xarel·lo

J&C Milesimé Blanc de Noirs & Wagyu Steak

Wagyu beef is the most valued and considered the most exquisite in the world. Treat yourself to an incomparable gastronomic moment with a Wagyu Steak cooked to perfection and one of our most magical sparkling wines: J&C Milesimé Blanc de Noirs, made with Pinot Noir from the Rieral estate.

Bistec al punto con cava Juvé & Camps Milesimé Blanc de Noirs

J&C Essential Púrpura & Eggs Benedictine

Sitting down mid-morning to enjoy a delicious brunch is an increasingly widespread custom in our country. After a comforting walk, regain energy with some eggs Benedictine and our J&C Essential Púrpura, a cava with seductive effervescence and pleasant aroma.

Huevos benedictine con cava Juvé & Camps Essential Púrpura

J&C Milesimé Chardonnay & Beef with Bourbon sauce

A perfect combination to invite your partner. Beef cooked just right, drizzled with a creamy Bourbon sauce and a refreshing bottle of J&C Milesimé Chardonnay. A sensory spectacle that begins from the moment it is served in the glass, with its golden tones and full bubble.

Ternera con salsa bourbon y cava Juvé & Camps Milesimé Chardonnay

J&C Gran Juvé & Camps & Meunière sole

Do you want to celebrate a special occasion? Opt for this simple recipe that has become one of the most famous in French gastronomy. The sole Meunière is accompanied with a butter, lemon and parsley sauce that gives you pleasant sensations. Harmonize it with one of our most sophisticated sparkling wines: J&C Gran Juvé & Camps, a mature and fresh character at the same time.

Lenguado Munière con cava Gran Juvé & Camps

J&C La Capella & Brownie chocolate and nuts

The large sparkling wines are suitable for starters, main courses and even desserts. Our J&C La Capella, Paraje Calificado Cava, is capable of accompanying you throughout an entire meal, even with a treat like an intense chocolate and walnut brownie.

Brownie con cava Juvé & Camps La Capella

Enjoy your gastronomic plan with Juvé & Camps. Do you want one last piece of advice? If you are going to offer dishes of different types and want a sparkling wine that harmonizes with everything, opt for our most versatile and legendary cava: the J&C Reserva de la Familia.

Cesta con Reserva de la Familia, cava Juvé & Camps