Juvé & Camps sparkling wines, the versatile option with which you will always get it right

2023 / 18 / 10
Botella de cava Juvé & Camps Xarel·lo con plato de canapés de salmón

How many times have we heard that cava is just for toasting? Have you gotten used to uncorking the cava at dessert time? We are used to following the traditions that we have been taught, but if we dare to break them we can discover real successes.

Cava is one of the most versatile drinks, ideal to accompany all phases of a meal and to harmonize with all types of dishes. This is how François Chartier, a world authority on molecular harmonies, defined it.

François Chartier is a sommelier and a tireless researcher in the field of molecular harmonies. He has written books such as “Papillae and Molecules”, a great reference to understand the association between wines and food from a scientific perspective. He is a world eminence in terms of pairings.

The creator of harmonies, together with his team of specialists, carried out different tests and techniques to establish the aromatic profile of the main categories of cava: Cava de Guarda, Reserva, Gran Reserva and Cava de Paraje Calificado. To be more precise, he designed a map with ingredients and dishes that achieve high aromatic synergy with the different types of cava according to their aging, reaching the conclusion that this type of sparkling wine is one of the most versatile drinks to pair.

At Juvé & Camps we want you to fully enjoy the experience that our sparkling wines offer you. All the preparations provide great versatility, harmonizing with all types of recipes, but if you want some ideas for gastronomic proposals that fit perfectly with each sparkling wine profile, we invite you to discover more information in our official online store. Discover the tasting note, aging characteristics, details of the vineyard and pairing proposals.