Do you know how are chosen the best sommeliers?

2022 / 18 / 03
sommelier catalunya 2022

The wine culture has been with us since immemorial times, back in the Bronze Age (3,000 BC). Its cultivation has ended up becoming a whole science – oenology – whose popularisation has very strong roots in Spain, establishing a wine tourism culture and industry of great value.

At Juvé & Camps, faithful to the natural cycles of the land to get the best out of the grape, great importance is given to the entire process, from growing the vine to obtaining the final product and subsequent distribution. One of the key positions, when it comes to ensuring that the client fully enjoys wines and cavas during meals or celebration and social events, is the sommelier; but do you know how the best ones are chosen? They are decided in contests, both regional, national and international, in which the best and most refined sommeliers are determined.

A contest has been recently held to determine the best Sommelier in Catalonia 2022, in which Anna Casabona, Juvé & Camps’ sommelier, took part and got the second place.

In this case, as in other similar competitions, only associates who hold the title of sommelier can participate. Professionals from different origins register for this type of events, such as restaurants, specialised stores and wineries.

sommelier catalunya 2022

Morning session to choose the three finalist sommeliers

In a single day, divided into two parts, all tests are carried out by the contestants. In a first phase, during the morning, the participants undergo a written theoretical exam in which they answer questions about oenology, D.O., viticulture, products and pairings. Afterwards, a tasting of two wines is carried out, identifying both of them. One of the wines, as a requirement, must be defended in English or French (as a test bench for participation in future international competitions). In this initial round, all the participants are eliminated except for the three finalists, who will compete for the privilege of being the best sommelier in the evening tests.

Final phase to meet the best sommelier, in the afternoon

Through this second round the order of the three places of honor is established. To do this, standing on a stage, the triplet of candidates for the final victory do a tasting, a search for errors test and a decantation. In this section, presented orally, both the success and knowledge of the contestants are valued, as well as the staging.

Dinner and announcement of the best sommelier

After the conclusion of both phases, the audience go to the dining room to enjoy the dinner. It’s a perfect time for all diners to relax, share opinions and exchange different points of view about the entire day. After the desserts, the order of the three finalists is announced and the prize for the best sommelier of the year is awarded.

This is only the first step for the three finalists of the contest in Catalonia, who will later defend their candidacy in the national contest that will be hold in Madrid (50 participants from different regions of Spain are attending). In the Spanish competition, in turn, the three privileged places are settled to access to rub shoulders with the best sommeliers from all over Europe.

Only the best and most expert sommeliers are capable of advising clients and diners on the best wine and cava options to pair with multiple gastronomic offerings. At Juvé & Camps we have multiple and varied offers so that you can get the best out of your palate on each special occasion.