Juvé & Camps supports the training project for young people from “Brins d’oportunitats” by carrying out green pruning work in Espiells

2023 / 02 / 05
brins y juve y camps

During the months of April and May, the vineyard sees the first leaves sprout and the green pruning tasks are carried out. Green pruning consists of eliminating those shoots or stems that will not have grapes to favor the correct yield of those parts that will be fruitful.

This year, from Juvé & Camps we collaborate with “Brins d’oportunitats”, an insertion company linked to Cáritas, which helps us with green pruning through the “Work and training” program that offers training and professional preparation to young people ex-guardianized by the General Directorate of care for children and adolescents.

In this program, young people learn olive tree and vineyard pruning tasks, olive harvesting and harvesting, sustainable gardening, organic farming, forest management and recovery of paths and dry stone walls.

brins y juve camps

Five young people and an agronomist, who works as a project technician, will carry out, supported by Juvé & Camps personnel, the green pruning tasks where they will be able to continue putting the techniques learned into practice.

Through this initiative, we trust that we can contribute to improving the employability of especially vulnerable groups, favoring their insertion in the world of work as well as collaborating so that the agricultural world continues to have qualified labor.

At Juvé & Camps we are very grateful for the work they are doing in our vineyards and we especially appreciate the values of sustainability, respect for the vineyard and love for viticulture that are transmitted in the project. Thanks Brins!