Juvé & Camps opens its doors to future Masters of Wine from the Iberian Peninsula

2023 / 31 / 03
Sala de catas, alquiler de espacios Juvé & Camps

Ten students from the second year of the Master of Wine will experience an exclusive bootcamp for 3 days taught by Álvaro Ribalta MW at the winery’s facilities.

With this initiative, Juvé & Camps reaffirms its commitment and support for training and, on this occasion, for professionals in the sector who aspire to obtain the highest degree awarded by the prestigious British Institute of Masters of Wine.

Juvé & Camps, true to its commitment to training and innovation in the wine sector, will host an exclusive bootcamp this weekend made up of second-year students of the Masters of Wine Institute, an international educational benchmark in the world of wine. The program will be taught by Álvaro Ribalta MW, one of the 7 Masters of Wine that exist in the Iberian Peninsula, considered a great expert in cavas and sparkling wines made by the traditional method in the Penedès.

For the winery “it is a great honor to be able to contribute to the training of these top-level professionals, who are preparing intensely to acquire such a relevant and high-level qualification as the Master of Wine”, explains winemaker Meritxell Juvé, fourth family generation.

For three days (from March 31 to April 2) Álvaro Ribalta MW will give technical tastings and mock exams such as those carried out by the Institute of Masters of Wine in London at the winery’s facilities, thus contributing to the advancement of training of students on their way to their degree, a qualification held by fewer than 400 people worldwide.

Applicants will receive technical training from the director of viticulture at Juvé & Camps, Josep Jiménez, who will teach them how to manage the vineyard and the surroundings of the property. Together with the technical director of the winery, Toni Cantos, they will carry out a tasting of vintages and emblematic references of the house.

With initiatives such as this one, Juvé & Camps reaffirms its support for the development and consolidation of an increasingly broad community of top-level professionals in the wine sector such as the Masters of Wine, renowned promoters of the universe of wine and its culture.