Sparkling Juvé & Camps’ rosés that will create a trend

2022 / 07 / 02
cava rosado siberia

There is no doubt that pink is fashionable. During the last year, this mix of red and white has flooded catwalks and red carpets. At the same time, it has splashed colour on royal outfits -Queen Letizia and Elizabeth II in the lead- and pop stars both from national and international scene -such as Lola Índigo or the South Koreans BTS.

This colour, which combines sensuality and romanticism, floods three interesting proposals from Juvé & Camps wineries, which will create a trend in 2022. The elegant aromatic complexity that the sparkling rosés hide constitutes a positive and cheerful formula that will captivate even the less regular consumers of wine and cava:

cava rosado la siberia juve y camps

La Siberia, Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva Rosé

Special occasions should be company with a unique sparkling rosé. This is the case of La Siberia, a limited and exclusive edition of rosé cava (only 3,000 bottles), born in an exceptional vineyard, harvested manually and with a different microclimate from the rest of Espiells vineyard plots.

The name of this proposal comes from the place where the grapes ripen, surrounded by a forest and a torrent, located in the coldest part of Espiells estate. In winter, the cold is more intense and in summer, fresh air is created due to the existence of this torrent, which means that temperatures do not rise excessively.

This sparkling rosé shows a beautiful pale pink colour with salmon hues, reflecting a long aging process. Its creaminess and freshness give way to a remarkable persistence on the palate, leaving memories of a harmonious combination of dried apricots, cherries, walnuts, fine pastries and a mineral background.

La Siberia is the perfect companion for meals with powerful flavours such as oysters, caviar, game birds, blue fish, shellfish and raw fish.

cava rosado milesimé rosé juvé & camps

Milesimé Rosé, Cava Gran Reserva Brut Rosé

Its beautiful pale pink -adorned by infinite strings of tiny bubbles, topped by a compact and persistent white crown- will illuminate your table and give it a notable touch of distinction.

Milesimé Rosé Torre de Can Rius’ son, located within Espiells estate. The plot has a characteristic clayey-calcareous soil, deep, fresh and containing marine fossils, which ends up generating a sparkling pink endowed with a magnificent creaminess.

Fresh and sweet on palate at the same time, in it we distinguish clear notes of ripe cherries. This rosé cava harmonizes with a wide range of foods: rock fish, seafood-based rice dishes, cured cheeses, white meats, mushrooms and grilled vegetables.

cava rosado brut rosé juvé & camps estuche

Cava Brut Rosé

Perfect to take advantage of any occasion, Brut Rosé leaves anyone indifferent. It is a fresh proposal that seduces through its bright cherry red colour and hypnotizing effervescence.

Cultivated on Espiells estate, it meets unique and ideal conditions for the proper development of the vine. The poor soils with a calcareous component mark its expression, in which the notes of cherries and strawberries stand out, wrapped in nuances of honey, toasted bread and floral memories. On palate, the result is intense, fresh and exuberant, with a finish rich in aromatic memories. The good climate of the terroir favours the intensity of the aromas of red fruits and the scarlet colour of the grapes.

Ideal for pairing with culinary specialties as varied as cold cuts, pasta, fish-based dishes, Japanese cuisine or assorted pastries.


Sparkling rosés throughout the year

This type of cava, with an elegant and fresh flavor, whose main characteristic is that it uses at least a quarter of red grapes in its production (such as the pinot noir variety, present in the three Juvé & Camps sparkling rosé proposals), goes gaining ground in meals and celebrations and is also used as a complement to a white wine.

Rosé cavas have ceased to be a summer hunting ground to be consumed throughout the year, pairing vegan and vegetarian dishes, current stars in restaurants around the world. Rosés enjoy very good health -presiding over special celebrations or gatherings of friends and family – giving a distinctive touch of glamor to the table. So now, if you want to be trendy at your table, preside over your meals with the sparkling rosé proposals from Juvé & Camps. You will make your guests fall in love…