Store cava at home in an optimal way to preserve its properties

2022 / 12 / 09
botellas cava juve camps

It may seem like a minor issue, but depending on the way you store Juvé & Camps premium sparkling wines in your home, you will be able to get the full potential of the glass of cava on the palate.

The fall of the myth of horizontal storage

Contrary to what happens in the world of wines, sparkling wines, due to their double fermentation process and the presence of carbon dioxide, must be stored vertically.

It is true that sparkling wines rest horizontally inside cellars during their aging, to favour the precipitation of sediments. But after the disgorgement and subsequent bottling step, the orientation changes to vertical to eliminate the possibility that the sparkling wine takes on the flavour of the stopper. Although the bottles are upright, the carbon dioxide keeps the stopper moist, preventing it from drying out; in this way the cork is safeguarded and prevents it from being damaged. 

Stable conditions so that the sparkling wine maintains all its properties

Once you have purchased the bottles at your trusted point of sale or online store, create the best environmental conditions so that the cava performs at its best to pair with exquisite dishes or preside over significant toasts. Keep in mind that at the time you buy the sparkling wine, it is already within the optimal consumption period (which lasts up to a year). But if you don’t want to consume it immediately, keep these items in mind to store them in your home:

Temperature between 10-15 degrees and without the presence of light (direct, natural or artificial) that affects them. The thermometer should ideally read about 14 degrees with humidity around 50%. The ideal place would be a cellar, but if your home does not have the conditions to house one, a good resource can be a pantry or cupboard prepared for it, in a dry environment. Another critical aspect is to avoid heat sources (radiators, air heaters or the kitchen).

Make sure that sparkling wine bottles do not suffer vibrations or sudden changes while they are stored. In this way you will not subtract one iota from the organoleptic properties offered by Juvé & Camps cavas.

Cava, after remaining in perfect condition in Juvé & Camps cellars for a minimum of 9 months, arrives at your home. The chain of custody, to preserve the properties of the sparkling wine, is now your responsibility. Follow these brief tips to fully enjoy the experience of tasting and sharing Juvé & Camps sparkling wines such as Reserva de la Família, Blanc de Noirs or Milesimé, among many others.