“The unique personality of Pagos de Anguix wines” with Marta Conde, oenologist at Pagos de Anguix

2022 / 12 / 09
marta conde, enóloga de pagos de anguix

Marta Conde, winemaker from Pagos de Anguix, was present at the Magnificat 2022 and we took the opportunity to learn, from her wise hand, more details about Pagos de Anguix wines and their unique terroir.

What aspects make the production of Pagos de Anguix wines unique?

First of all, we are in an exceptional area in terms of soil and climate, in the Golden Diamond, with which we already have a lot of cattle. Secondly, we have a technical team that is very well integrated and has a lot of knowledge of the ground it is treading on. If we unite an area that is already good in itself and a technical team that knows what they are working on, we have no choice but to make great wines.

How do you manage to convey the personality of the Anguix terroir in each glass?

In order to convey the personality of the Anguix terroir, we have to be very respectful of viticulture and try to ensure that this fruity and virgin part is expressed in the wine. How do we do it? Making very clean vinifications, entering a very mature harvest and being absolutely respectful of the aging times. In this way, we can identify each farm and each plot with what the client is noticing in the glass. You must be able to notice that they are different wines, from different soils and with different elaborations. I think we’re getting it!

To make organic wines, what should we take into account?

To make organic wines, you have to follow very strict regulations that prevent us from using chemically synthesized compounds in the field and greatly limit the additives that you can use in the winery. We have to be very careful in the manual work of the vineyards: green pruning, thinning and ventilation; and in the winery use the least possible additives, very few and very controlled, and leave the wine to flow through its natural channels.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are at the centenary Magnificat, what would you say to Juvé & Camps for its 100th anniversary?

I want to congratulate Juvé & Camps, which celebrates 100 years as a leader in the production of high-end cavas. It has been a very long road, which has led the family to work very hard for 4 generations to position itself where it is right now. It continues to be a leader and is expanding fields with the acquisition of a winery in Ribera del Duero. My sincere congratulations for a job well done and I wish you a great future.

Thank you very much Marta, it has been a pleasure.