Sweet pearls, the origin of Juvé & Camps premium sparkling wines

2022 / 31 / 08
variedades uva cavas juve y camps

From the increasingly widespread use of organic techniques and procedures, which scrupulously respect the natural cycles of the soil, grow the vines of the Juvé & Camps cellars, the origin of cava. In the incomparable settings of estates such as Propietat d’Espiells, Mediona or La Cuscona -in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia-, endowed with a unique terroir, Juvé & Camps cavas are born in Penedès, the capital of this appreciated sparkling wine.

Among the nine types of vine authorised by the Cava Regulatory Council, which oversees the quality of the products, are grape berries, the basis from which Juvé & Camps’ high-end cavas are made:

variedad uva macabeo

Macabeu, an origin that generates heated debates

This is one of the three varieties that make up the cava triumvirate (along with xarel·lo and parellada) and the most cultivated in the area. Originally from Vilafranca del Penedès, it appears mentioned in documents more than 400 years ago. Also called viura, it sows controversy about its origin (some experts place it in Asia Minor, others in Spain, from where it would spread to the south of France), although what we cannot doubt is its high power of adaptability and its good aging ability.

It has large and compact clusters, and its berries have very thin skin, a long cycle and late ripening. It produces balanced wines with a slight character and a moderate level of sugars and acidity.

variedad uva xarel·lo

Xarel·lo, uniqueness and body in each grape berry

We turn to one of the white grape varieties of Penedès, the third most widespread in the area. From an etymological point of view, it seems to have its origin in the Italian word Chiarello, whose translation would be clear. It has medium bunches, without being excessively compact and with thick skin. It is characterised by providing structure and shaping sparkling wines with body.

When phylloxera devastated crops in France, xarel·lo was a lifesaver, since this grape variety was the one that best withstood the journey from Spain, by land or sea, due to its antioxidant nature.

variedad uva parellada

Parellada, Mediterranean finesse and freshness

The plant that produces the parellada grape is horizontally oriented and its name is due to the Catalan term aparellada (paired, since the branches of the vine are usually very similar). Its cultivation on the Peninsula dates back to the 14th century, and it is used especially to add finesse and freshness to wines. Originally from Penedès, with large clusters and medium-sized grains and thick skin, this variety has early budding and late maturation.

The sparkling wines produced from this grape variety are structured, fruity, elegant, smooth and balanced. Other characteristics are a moderate degree of acidity and a high aging potential.

juve y camps cava reserva de la familia brut nature en viñedos del penedès

Magical combination of the varieties, xarel·lo, macabeu and parellada: Reserva de la Família

How could it be otherwise, this is the best-selling Gran Reserva Brut Nature cava in the world. With a perfect balance of varieties (55% xarel·lo, 35% macabeu and 10% parellada) and an average of 36 months of aging on its lees, this sparkling wine has a fresh and seductive character, with a pleasant texture. Only by taking advantage of the characteristics of the Penedès environment and based on organic farming, Juvé & Camps gets the best out of its vineyards.

variedad uva pinot noir

Pinot noir, delicate in its cultivation with a final result of extreme quality

The latest addition to the select group of varieties used to make Juvé & Camps sparkling wines (since 1998 for rosés and since 2007 white cavas from the “Blanc de Noir” category (applying gentle pressing and avoiding prolonged contact between the must and the skins), comes from the French Burgundy. Its clusters are small and compact and very crowded together (hence its name) its fruits are conical and of an intense violet colour.

We are facing a variety of short cycle and early harvest. The result of its vinification process are fruity, aromatic and low-tannin sparkling wines.

cava juve y camps blanc de noirs reserva brut pinot noir

Blanc de Noirs, a surprising interpretation of the pinot noir variety

This Cava Reserva Brut from Juvé & Camps is made with a very delicate and special process, as it is harvested manually and a gentle pressing is used to prevent the coloration of the must. Endowed with a golden colour with slight reddish nuances, its character is expressed through notes of cherry and white fruit, on a citric, honeyed background with hints of toasted bread.

uva chardonnay para cava

Chardonnay, the great aromatic power par excellence

Its versatility and ability to adapt to different types of soils and conditions and production methods can be understood thanks to its presence in large areas of Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal), the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Africa).

With a round and compact grain, thin skin and consistent pulp, it sprouts early, a fact that allows it to be one of the first varieties to be harvested (the concentration of sugars makes it necessary to harvest it earlier). It usually has low yields, but of high quality. Its good acidity offers original, fresh and elegant aromas while maintaining, at the same time, a good aging power.

cava reserva brut milesimé juvé & camps

Proposal 100% organic chardonnay from Juvé & Camps

Reserva Brut Milesimé cava, harvested by hand, is the result of only exclusive vintages offered by the Can Rius estate of the Juvé & Camps wineries. With a spectacular golden colour, superb foam and fine bubbles, it has notes of white fruit, honey, grapefruit, toasted bread and dairy memories. The combination of the microclimate of the area, the soil, the grape variety used by Juvé & Camps and even the layout of the vineyard, give Milesimé a unique terroir, away from industrial processes.

5 grape varieties through which Juvé & Camps shows its centenary innovative spirit, respecting the environment and using organic methods of planting, harvesting and elaboration of its premium sparkling wines. Five precious stones to adorn your most special celebrations.