The new Essential range, the beginning of a journey through the sensory universe of Juvé & Camps

2022 / 11 / 11
cava essential juve y camps

Essential is the name of the sparkling wines that open the door to the Juvé & Camps universe. Wines that preserve the most primary identity of that magical communion between the grapes and the landscape of Valls d’Anoia-Foix, molded by the sieve of elegance of the masters of Juvé & Camps. We seek to show the freshest and most immediate identity of our grapes and the fruit of a measured aging that does not disturb that expression, but gently accompanies it and magnifies its appeal.

Essential is the most faithful reflection of the viticulture of our land, the message of the winegrowers who dedicate their hours to tireless work in the field and take care of the vineyards generation after generation. It is the respect for that craft and the nature from which it starts.

The Essential sparkling wines are wines without discordant notes, without edges, made without a recipe, just following the course marked by the grapes we work with, the territory and the harvest. They are the beginning of a journey through the sensory universe of Juvé & Camps.

Essential Púrpura and Essential Xarel·lo

Juvé & Camps Essential Púrpura 2018 and Juvé & Camps Essential Xarel·lo 2017 are different melodies directed by the same baton. Harmonies in the key of captivating simplicity, without artifice. With them we invite you to enter Juvé & Camps, to celebrate the little moments, to mark with a toast those details that, almost unnoticed, improve the day or give flavor to those daily meetings after work.

A melody for three voices where the Xarel·lo sets the rhythm

Juvé & Camps Essential Púrpura 2018 is an assemblage of xarel·lo, macabeo and parellada in elegant balance, which comes from the meticulous selection of the freshest base wines, with expressive fruit and a marked primary character.

Juvé & Camps Essential Púrpura

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A love story for the most distinctive variety of the Penedès

Juvé & Camps Essential Xarel·lo 2017 is a sparkling wine that combines our passion for viticulture, since 1796, and our particular romance with the Xarel·lo variety. It comes from grapes from our Espiells and Can Rius estates and from plots of our neighboring winegrowers. He is sincere, honest and close.

Juvé & Camps Essential Xarel·lo

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We invite you to discover them.