Juvé & Camps, protagonist in the 8th Sitges Malvasia Week

2022 / 21 / 11
malvasía juve camps

Multiple activities are held, between November the 10th and 28th, to publicise Malvasía de Sitges at a popular level, as well as consolidate its presence in the professional and oenological circuits of Catalonia. Among the producing wineries that participate, the presence of Juvé & Camps stands out, through the presentation of its sommelier Anna Casabona, in which she will show how the Penedès winery works with this grape variety to bring out all its Mediterranean expression.

Semana de la Malvasía

Round table to discover the secrets of Juvé & Camps’ Viver d’Espiells

The new proposal from the Penedès wineries, based on the Malvasía de Sitges (a type of vine native to the region), stands out for being very expressive aromatically, with floral notes and fresh fruit. Among the 300 different varieties of Malvasía, the one from Sitges has been reborn like a phoenix in the last two decades, overcoming the difficulties that its cultivation presents.

The grain is usually small, thick, very sweet and aromatic. It is used to make wines from the DO Penedès and Tarragona. Its peculiar flavour is the result of the combination of three factors: the proximity of the sea, the late harvest and the high graduation and acidity of the wine.

The specific project of Juvé & Camps, materialised in 2021 in Propietat d’Espiells, began years ago, acquiring the variety and studying its potential and evolution in detail.

The Juvé & Camps’ sommelier, an excellent spokesperson to explain the project

Anna Casabona, sommelier of Juvé & Camps, will speak about its aromas, excellent acidity and aging capacity, in one of the technical round tables under the name “La Malvasía de Sitges de Juvé & Camps, a new reference in a centennial winery”, the next Friday, November the 18th during the morning. All this is framed within the II Pedagogical Conference, organised by the Institut of Arts of Barcelona (IAB) and Escuela de Hostelería de Sitges.

At table 4, dedicated to sommelier and distribution, Malvasía is defended as a successful bet for white wine, in wineries that are committed to high-quality short runs.

Attendance at the sessions (from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) costs 3€. For those who want to taste all the flavour of an educational pairing lunch, for only 28€ they can try, among other Malvasía de Sitges proposals, Viver d’Espiells, a very expressive white wine on an aromatic level, pale yellow in colour with greenish reflections, with marked floral and fresh fruit notes. On the palate, its acidity is present and gives it considerable freshness, while aging in the barrel gives it a velvety mid-palate, which will increase with aging in the bottle.

This is the umpteenth demonstration of innovation and development applied by Juvé & Camps, to get the best out of their terroirs while respecting the natural cycles of the earth.