“We open the doors of our house” with Ana Lópezcano, head of communication at Juvé & Camps

2023 / 17 / 07
Ana Lópezcano, Juvé y Camps

Ana Lópezcano enjoys a long career in the world of wine and is now the head of communication for Juvé & Camps. Since her arrival in Penedès, she has devoted herself to bringing the winery closer to consumers, offering new wine tourism activities and increasing the offer to get to know Juvé & Camps and its sparkling wines. We meet her to take a walk through the spaces that surround the Celler d’ Espiells while she tells us what challenges and proposals she is working on.

What encouraged you to join the Juvé & Camps team?

I fell in love with the project and the values that Meritxell Juvé transmitted to me. I saw the path that we could travel together and when she invited me to take charge of communication for the winery, I was immediately encouraged to start this challenge.

What was this challenge?

The brand is consolidated thanks to the work of the entire team and the Juvé family, together with the winegrowers and managers of the winery. There is a great story and the job is very well done. At Juvé & Camps we have a lot to say and the challenge is knowing how to communicate it.

What is the situation before starting the new strategy?

We are coming out of an atypical situation. Covid marked a before and after for everyone. We come from restrictions, uncertainty, ignorance… For this reason, from Juvé & Camps it was decided to take a break, look inward and decide where to move forward. I entered this moment of thinking again. Because, although the usual values are maintained, Meritxell Juvé understands that it is also necessary to professionalize the area of communication. Right after arriving in Penedès I began to study the region and analyze the data to understand where we are and where we can improve.

For what purpose do you work?

We have one of the most visited wine regions in the entire state, we are close to Barcelona and Sitges, in a unique enclave where landscape, vineyards, good weather, views of Montserrat, cava are mixed… it is an exceptional product that positions us in the world. We have everything to make the Penedès a great wine tourism destination. We and all the wineries and companies that believe in the project as allies, not as competitors, and thinking of the common good that will bring us all. In this context, we must work to reposition the brand and put it where we should be.

What actions have been started?

During the centenary an important change in strategy was made. We, or our product, had always entered the homes of our consumers. Now is the time to open our house to the world, receive our consumers and guide them through the facilities, so that they know who we are and where the products that they have traditionally uncorked at home are born.

What wine tourism experience will the client have at Juvé & Camps?

Our philosophy is to adapt to the client. Offer one experience or another depending on the profile that visits us. We make group visits or private visits. You can visit the vineyards or carry out adhoc activities, depending on demand.

In addition to the visits, is there anything new that you want to highlight?

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the center of Sant Sadurní, we thought that a good idea was to open a wine bar, for all those people who want to share a drink with friends, partner or work colleagues. Now you can go from Tuesday to Sunday without an appointment. As a novelty, in September we will also open the Espiells terrace, where you can share a drink enjoying the silence or the song of the birds with views of the vineyard.

Thank you very much for this interesting conversation, Ana. We wish you great success! We accompany you to the Wine Bar to end this interesting day enjoying a few glasses of Juvé & Camps.