5 tips to preserve your Propietat d’Espiells and Pagos de Anguix wine bottles

2023 / 22 / 02
botellas vino pagos de anguix

Wine is not a static entity, it evolves without pause once it has been bottled. That is why, if you do not want to find yourself with an unpleasant surprise when you uncork it, write down the following tips so that your favourite red, white and rosé wines from Propietat d’Espiells and Pagos de Anguix wineries are stored properly at home and shine in all their splendor:

1 The key is horizontal

Unlike the premium sparkling wines from Juvé & Camps, the red, white and rosé wines from Propietat d’Espiells and Pagos de Anguix must sleep lying down so that the cork always remains moist and does not lose its elastic conditions, allowing for a perfect closure to prevent oxidation.

It is also important that, within the horizontality, there is a small inclination that favours the grounds to remain at the bottom of the container.

2 Control humidity so that the aging of the wine is appropriate

A very important factor, when it comes to preserving wines for a long time, is the percentage of humidity, which should be around 70%. We must avoid extremes, since an excessively dry environment will inevitably dry out the cork. Instead, on the other side of the scale, high exposure to humidity will form mold that could transmit undesirable and unpleasant odours to the wine.

3 Make sure that the temperature is always stable

Another element to take into account is the temperature. In order for the bottles to age properly, without losing any of their organoleptic properties, it is key to avoid sudden changes in mercury, maintaining a constant temperature of between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius.

If this helpful advice is not followed, the cork at the neck of the bottle will repeatedly expand and contract, allowing air to enter the bottle and prematurely oxidise and age the wine, damaging it.

4 Lighting is more important than you initially think

The wine must be stored in the dark, since light causes a faster aging of the liquid and deteriorates its colour and aromas. This product is extremely sensitive to artificial and natural light (white and rosé wines, especially, can develop “light sickness” that generates very unpleasant odours).

5 Smells and vibrations, very far from your wines

The storage space must be clean and ventilated, in an environment free of odours that could harm the wine. Spices, strong foods or detergents and fabric softeners should be kept away from the bottles, as they could seep through the cap.

It is important that the bottles rest in a quiet environment, away from vibrations. To do this, it is best to have all the wines in a secluded place in the house, and only move the bottles when absolutely necessary and essential.

So, to keep the environment as neutral as possible, the kitchen is not a good idea to store your red, white and rosé wines. The ideal situation is in a heated wine cellar and, failing that, in spaces without light and with cool temperatures.

Follow these five simple storage tips for reds, whites and rosés and enjoy to the fullest with family and friends the best wine proposals from the Propietat d’Espiells and Pagos de Anguix wineries.