Costalara 2020, the first organic vintage of the fruitiest red from Pagos de Anguix

2023 / 28 / 02
red wine pagos de anguix costalara 2020 organic

Pagos de Anguix continues to advance in its organic philosophy and launches the first of its red wines certified as such, which will be followed by the rest of its references in future vintages.

Currently 99% of the Pagos de Anguix wine-growing property is organic and a large part has been organic since it was planted more than 20 years ago. Due to its extension, 85 hectares, it is one of the largest organic vineyards in the Ribera del Duero.

Pagos de Anguix presents its first organic red wine, Costalara 2020 , a wine that reiterates the commitment to ecology and the maintenance of biodiversity of this winery located in the Burgos town of Anguix.

Costalara 2020 is the first of the winery’s reds to obtain ecological certification, a 100% fine red wine from vineyards between 20 and 30 years old located in the towns of Anguix and Olmedillo de Roa, at about 800 meters above sea level and on stony soils with a clay-calcareous bottom. It is made in an artisanal way and with little intervention, seeking to enhance the fruitful and original expression of the vineyard. It is aged for 12 months to obtain a red wine with notes of wild fruits, especially currants, and a touch of sweet spices that gradually give way to aromas of redder fruits, vanilla and spices. In the mouth it is unctuous, structured, fresh and mineral.

Costalara 2020 reiterates the strong commitment to the ecology of Pagos de Anguix, which has more than 30 hectares of vineyards already planted organically for more than two decades, and the vocation of the winery to practice respectful viticulture not only with the vines, but also with the environment. Pagos de Anguix is a member of the Regenerative Viticulture Association and, as such, carries out viticultural work aimed at restoring life to the soils and promoting biodiversity, and respectful pruning is carried out in its vineyards with the sap flows of the plant, which help to prolong its life and improve its health status. Currently, 99% of the Pagos de Anguix vineyard is certified organic and the remaining 1% is in the conversion process, so the entire range of wines from the winery will be completely organic in subsequent vintages.

The winemaker José Manuel Pérez Ovejas, at the head of the Pagos de Anguix technical team, summarizes the 2020 vintage as a very high-level vintage, despite the complications derived from the Covid-19 pandemic. The team led by Pérez Ovejas decided to delay the harvest for a few days compared to other neighboring wineries in a vintage that is considered somewhat cooler than the previous one. The decision was fortunate and yielded perfectly ripe grapes, with a grade slightly higher than the average for the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin. The winemaker recalls the rains that interrupted the grape harvest, an event that did not prevent him from obtaining excellent results, as shown by this Costalara 2020 that has just hit the market.

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Marta Conde, winemaker from Pagos de Anguix, was present at the Magnificat 2022 and we took the opportunity to learn, from her wise hand, more details about Pagos de Anguix wines and their unique terroir.

What aspects make the production of Pagos de Anguix wines unique?

First of all, we are in an exceptional area in terms of soil and climate, in the Golden Diamond, with which we already have a lot of cattle. Secondly, we have a technical team that is very well integrated and has a lot of knowledge of the ground it is treading on. If we unite an area that is already good in itself and a technical team that knows what they are working on, we have no choice but to make great wines.

How do you manage to convey the personality of the Anguix terroir in each glass?

In order to convey the personality of the Anguix terroir, we have to be very respectful of viticulture and try to ensure that this fruity and virgin part is expressed in the wine. How do we do it? Making very clean vinifications, entering a very mature harvest and being absolutely respectful of the aging times. In this way, we can identify each farm and each plot with what the client is noticing in the glass. You must be able to notice that they are different wines, from different soils and with different elaborations. I think we’re getting it!

To make organic wines, what should we take into account?

To make organic wines, you have to follow very strict regulations that prevent us from using chemically synthesized compounds in the field and greatly limit the additives that you can use in the winery. We have to be very careful in the manual work of the vineyards: green pruning, thinning and ventilation; and in the winery use the least possible additives, very few and very controlled, and leave the wine to flow through its natural channels.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are at the centenary Magnificat, what would you say to Juvé & Camps for its 100th anniversary?

I want to congratulate Juvé & Camps, which celebrates 100 years as a leader in the production of high-end cavas. It has been a very long road, which has led the family to work very hard for 4 generations to position itself where it is right now. It continues to be a leader and is expanding fields with the acquisition of a winery in Ribera del Duero. My sincere congratulations for a job well done and I wish you a great future.

Thank you very much Marta, it has been a pleasure.

Wine is not a static entity, it evolves without pause once it has been bottled. That is why, if you do not want to find yourself with an unpleasant surprise when you uncork it, write down the following tips so that your favourite red, white and rosé wines from Propietat d’Espiells and Pagos de Anguix wineries are stored properly at home and shine in all their splendor:

1 The key is horizontal

Unlike the premium sparkling wines from Juvé & Camps, the red, white and rosé wines from Propietat d’Espiells and Pagos de Anguix must sleep lying down so that the cork always remains moist and does not lose its elastic conditions, allowing for a perfect closure to prevent oxidation.

It is also important that, within the horizontality, there is a small inclination that favours the grounds to remain at the bottom of the container.

2 Control humidity so that the aging of the wine is appropriate

A very important factor, when it comes to preserving wines for a long time, is the percentage of humidity, which should be around 70%. We must avoid extremes, since an excessively dry environment will inevitably dry out the cork. Instead, on the other side of the scale, high exposure to humidity will form mold that could transmit undesirable and unpleasant odours to the wine.

3 Make sure that the temperature is always stable

Another element to take into account is the temperature. In order for the bottles to age properly, without losing any of their organoleptic properties, it is key to avoid sudden changes in mercury, maintaining a constant temperature of between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius.

If this helpful advice is not followed, the cork at the neck of the bottle will repeatedly expand and contract, allowing air to enter the bottle and prematurely oxidise and age the wine, damaging it.

4 Lighting is more important than you initially think

The wine must be stored in the dark, since light causes a faster aging of the liquid and deteriorates its colour and aromas. This product is extremely sensitive to artificial and natural light (white and rosé wines, especially, can develop “light sickness” that generates very unpleasant odours).

5 Smells and vibrations, very far from your wines

The storage space must be clean and ventilated, in an environment free of odours that could harm the wine. Spices, strong foods or detergents and fabric softeners should be kept away from the bottles, as they could seep through the cap.

It is important that the bottles rest in a quiet environment, away from vibrations. To do this, it is best to have all the wines in a secluded place in the house, and only move the bottles when absolutely necessary and essential.

So, to keep the environment as neutral as possible, the kitchen is not a good idea to store your red, white and rosé wines. The ideal situation is in a heated wine cellar and, failing that, in spaces without light and with cool temperatures.

Follow these five simple storage tips for reds, whites and rosés and enjoy to the fullest with family and friends the best wine proposals from the Propietat d’Espiells and Pagos de Anguix wineries.

The combination of wines and cheeses is one of the great pleasures we can experience in our gastronomy. We present you five Propietat d’Espiells and Pagos de Anguix wines, combined with a selection of cheeses, which will delight your palate and will catapult you as a great host if you invite family or friends to this delicious tandem.

When deciding what type of cheese you are going to offer to your guests, you must take three factors into account: fat, texture and aroma. Depending on the milk origin, we will find buffalo, sheep, goat and cow cheeses (ordered from more to less fatty). Regarding the texture, which depends on how the food sets, there are soft, semi-soft, hard and extra-hard cheeses. As a third element, if the milk is raw, the cheese will be more aromatic; on the other hand, it will have less impact on smell if it’s pasteurised milk.

Once you have a clear idea about the possibilities offered by different cheeses, you only need to choose which D.O. Penedès and D.O. Ribera del Duero you want to pair it. It must be taken into consideration that the flavors and smells of cheese and wine must be combined and harmonised so that one does not cover the other and vice versa.

Casa Vella d’Espiells, red wine D.O. Penedès

This Penedès red wine, made with Cabernet Sauvignon, leaves elegant minty notes after smelling and tasting it. It stands out for its good acidity and a clear aroma of fine-grained French oak barrels. Casa Vella harmonises perfectly with a semi-cured manchego cheese, with an elastic texture and cream color, which has a lactic aroma and flavor of hay, grass and fruit with a point of sweetness.

Iohannes, red wine D.O. Penedès

Originally from vineyards located 700 meters above sea level, its cinnamon nuances, cloves and vanilla, mixed with aromas of black currants, plums, blackberries and cherries, give this marvelous and tasty reserve wine from Penedès a flavor on the palate that is vigorous and velvety. The red wine reserve Iohannes combines masterfully with a cured gran reserva sheep cheese, with an intense and slightly salty flavor, recipe from the area. The perfect combination of high quality gastronomy and proximity products.

El Rosado, rosé wine D.O. Ribera del Duero

There are cheeses, such as Camembert (of bovine origin, moldy rind, creamy texture and slightly fruity flavor), which find the perfect ally in a high-altitude rosé wine, from the heart of Ribera del Duero. It’s the first ecological modality of the winery. Its refreshing mineral acidity and opulence are finished off with an aromatic richness based on ripe fruits.

Aurora d’Espiells, rosé wine D.O. Penedès

Its characteristic soft and elegant pink color -with orange hues- reminds us of first sun rays, about to break the horizon; hence such a special name. This rosé wine D.O. Penedès, with red and black fruity sensations (currants and raspberries) and a floral background, it marries magnificently with a goat cheese, which reminds us of aromas of moist mushrooms. There are some varieties with fine herbs and paprika, which give them a special and unique flavor.

Miranda d’Espiells, white wine D.O. Penedès

To close the circle, we will combine a classic mature Chardonnay -with a pleasant acidity and citrus background, which combines the tropicality of pineapple and the Mediterranean nature of fennel- with a cheese of medieval tradition: Gruyere. This Penedès white wine is the perfect candidate, due to its freshness and finesse, to accompany this aromatic cow’s hard cheese, with sweet notes and slightly spicy touches (depending on its degree of maturation).

Five proposals for you to obtain the best mark when pairing wines from D.O. Penedès and Ribera del Duero with different cheeses and get the best out of your gastronomic bet. You can buy all these selected wines online in our official e-shop by clicking here.