Respectful pruning, the care of our vines

2023 / 10 / 02
poda de respeto en juve camps

It is always a real pleasure to perceive the aromas, flavours and tones of Juvé & Camps red, white, rosé and premium cavas. Celebrations and tastings that unite family and friends on more than special occasions. But every great finish can’t be explained without a beginning that is up to the task, a spark that brings the grape from the most unique terroirs to your table.

Juvé & Camps, faithful to a centuries-old tradition, combines innovation with the natural cycles of the earth, under the principles of integrated and organic viticulture. And within his vineyard care strategy, respectful pruning stands out.

poda de respeto en juve camps

Respect and free growth of the vine

Respectful pruning is an innovative technique within the wine sector, which takes great care of the original plant of the grape and its sap flow when making cuts on the vine. This pruning method is based on a free conduction system, that is, it allows the vine to grow naturally and three-dimensionally and without any type of space limitations.

Endless benefits through respectful pruning

Thanks to the use of this agricultural technique, the life of the vine is extended, the affectation of roots, trunk and shoots is reduced, and the general state of health of the vines is improved. All of this results in a higher rate of sustainability for the vineyards and, furthermore, it is a very flexible system that can be adapted to all the vine management systems (which shape the plant and limit its foliage. Its ultimate goal is that there is only the number of leaves necessary and precise to protect the bunches).

poda de respeto en juve camps

The bible of respectful pruning

There are four principles that must be scrupulously followed so that the vineyards of the Juvé & Camps estates end up materialising in singular and exquisite red, white, rosé wines and premium cavas:

Organic and gradual branching; which will allow the goblet vine (the oldest and most widespread system, with a low trunk and one to six candelabra-shaped arms) to grow in all its splendor.

Facilitate the flow of sap; moving the ducts away from the drying areas of the plant will improve the health of the vine.

Precision pruning; small cuts reduce the area of ​​exposed wood, reducing the risk of disease.

Respect wood; leaving a piece that does not interfere with the sap flow system (a fact that will extend the life of the vineyards).

Thanks to meticulous and precise winemaking processes, such as respectful pruning, Juvé & Camps red, white, rosé and premium cavas will be the expression of the most unique terroirs of the Peninsula in your unique celebrations.