The bubbles of a sparkling wine and how to interpret them

2022 / 08 / 04
copa cava juve y camps

Bubbles are essential in sparkling wines and, in addition to a pleasant experience, they can provide us with many details about the quality of what we are drinking. They are produced in the same bottle, after causing the second fermentation.

Many aspects influence the characteristics of the bubbles: the production method, the quality of the base wine, the service conditions…

What characteristics of the bubbles indicate that we are dealing with a high-quality sparkling wine?

Before a glass of sparkling, look at the size and speed of the bubbles. Small, slow-rising bubbles will tell you that you are tasting a high-quality sparkling wine.

Observing the glass, you will notice that fine lines of bubbles are formed that rise from the walls of the glass to the surface. They are known by the name of “rosaries” and must be very fine and persistent. The best sparkling wines contain many rows of fine bubbles that last over time.

The foam that forms on the surface also indicates the quality of cava. After serving the sparkling wine, look in the glass at what surface the foam covers. If it covers the entire surface, it is an excellent sparkling wine. Those in which the foam occupies between a quarter and half of the surface are also of good quality.

Controls how long it takes for the foam to disperse. The longer it takes to dilute, the higher the quality with which the sparkling is considered. Avoid those in which the foam dissolves in a few seconds after serving.

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