Juvé & Camps obtains the exclusive “Integral Producer” seal in recognition of its production method

2022 / 13 / 04
fincas juve y camps Espiells

Juvé & Camps wineries, prestigious cellars since 1921, have received the distinction that accredits them as “integral producer”, within the strict regulations of the Regulatory Board. To have this prestigious recognition, the organisation, after a series of rigorous controls, certifies that 100% of the cava base wine obtained has been pressed and vinified on the winery’s property.

This fact shows Juvé & Camps’ commitment to innovation and tradition. Throughout the 271 hectares distributed among its three properties in Penedès (Propietat d’Espiells, Mediona and La Cuscona), the vines grow in full respect of the natural cycles of the grape and the land. As a consequence, the grapes are of superior quality and represent, to the maximum, the expression of the different terroirs. Proof of everything is that, in 2015 and under strict premises of integrated organic viticulture, the first 100% organic harvest was achieved, a milestone for Juvé & Camps.

A recognition that supports the ecological sparkling wines from Juvé & Camps and Paraje Calificado

The 1970s, in which the Regulatory Board was set up, coincided with the definitive push represented by the appearance of two star products: Gran Juvé Camps and Reserva de la Familia, two of its benchmark organic sparkling wines. They are accompanied by very attractive proposals such as Blanc de Noirs, Milesimé and Singular.

The bets by Juvé & Camps that represent a clear commitment to return to the origins, which achieved organic certification for its sparkling wines and wines made since 2015 thanks to its sustainable cultivation, manual harvest and artisanal production. The combination of a genuine and unmistakable flavor, accompanied by care for the environment, is no longer incompatible.

The creation of Cava de Guarda Superior de Paraje Calificado seal, of the highest quality and uniqueness, was established in 2017 to define sparkling wines that have been aged for a minimum of 36 months in the bottle and that are the result of a vineyard that brings together special characteristics of location and terroir that are different from the rest (use of native grapes, manual harvest and process completed entirely in the facilities of the winery itself, among other exclusive aspects).

According to these scrupulous and demanding regulations, La Capella has an exclusive production limited to only 3,000 bottles, from seven hectares of old vines located in the highest part of Espiells estate, in the heart of Penedès. This austere and shallow terrain gives this sparkling wine a deep aroma.

Juvé & Camps, always at the forefront in its processes for making premium red, rosé, white and sparkling wines, but without forgetting the natural cycles of the grape harvest. The best of the unique terroirs of Penedès wineries, accompanied by prestigious seals, ready to serve at your table.