What glass is the most suitable for cava?

2021 / 04 / 11
mejor copa para cava

Drinking cava is one of the great little pleasures of life, to share unforgettable moments with our family, partner, friends and co-workers. A critical element that we must pay attention to, so that the experience is round, is the glass in which we serve the cava. There is much debate around which is the best option. The reality is that not just anyone is valid, since when it comes to sparkling wines, their shape determines the release of carbon dioxide and its aromas.

The Holy Grail to receive cava

The glass in which the cava is tasted must be made of fine, transparent glass without cuts, a fact that will allow its notes to be appreciated clearly and unequivocally. Its figure will be tall and slender (to appreciate the rosaries of bubbles) and thanks to its depth it will lengthen the path of its aroma. Regarding the stem, the glass must allow an ergonomic grip that does not interfere with the serving temperature of the sparkling wine. To finish, the diameter of the mouth of the glass must allow to appreciate the smells that the cava gives off.

Experience the full force of cava with tulip glasses

Slender and narrow, with the tulip glass you can clearly see the columns of bubbles that rise towards the surface and without altering their temperature (thanks to the long stem grip). One of its keys lies in the base, which widens a bit so that the aromas are concentrated and you notice all the olfactory nuances of the cava. Its proper mouth prevents carbon dioxide from dissipating and allows for an adequate olfactory tasting.

For example, you could try with this glass a Juvé & Camps Brut Rosé that, with its notes of cherries and strawberries, wrapped in hints of honey, toasted bread and floral memories, will leave you with a round flavor. We are talking about the perfect glass, the best solution for tasting cavas (especially a Reserva de la Familia Juvé & Camps, which needs to breathe once it has been served).

At Juvé & Camps we want you to enjoy our cavas to the fullest and we put at your disposal the tulip glasses screen-printed with our logo. You can buy Juvé & Camps glasses in our online store by clicking here.