Juvé & Camps premieres the English edition of Wine Sapiens in New York City, together with Ferran Adrià and Ferran Centelles

2023 / 05 / 05
Joan Juvé, Ferran Adrià and Ferran Centelles

The English edition of the first two volumes of the most comprehensive encyclopedia on the world of wine made to date was launched yesterday at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, with the presence of its promoters: Ferran Adrià and Ferran Centelles, as well as Joan Juvé, president of Juvé & Camps.

Juvé & Camps made this launch possible by sponsoring the translation of Wine Sapiens into English. This is yet another example of the close ties the century-old winery keeps with the world of gastronomy, creativity, and innovation that this encyclopedia represents, created under the umbrella of the Bullipedia and elBullifoundation.

The English edition of the the first two volumes of Wine Sapiens, a Bullipedia project led by Ferran Adrià, founder of elBullifoundation, and Ferran Centelles, head of beverage and content research at the Foundation, was presented yesterday in a world premiere at Carnegie Hall in New York City. More than six years of research and development of wine-related content led to the most relevant encyclopedia on the wine-making universe. The event was attended by Joan Juvé, President of Juvé & Camps, who sponsored the English translation of the first two volumes for its publication and worldwide outreach, in collaboration with elBullifoundation.

“It is a great honor for Juvé & Camps to present and collaborate on such an emblematic project as the Bullipedia by Ferran Adrià. He is a creative mind who made an invaluable contribution to the word of gastronomy taking it to another level, and who has supported the wine-making world through the creation of Wine Sapiens, a book series of which we are presenting the first two volumes today,” said Joan Juvé, who went on to remind us that “Juvé & Camps has had a close relationship dating back many years with Ferran and elBulli co-founder Juli Soler, who is always in our thoughts and whom we remember today“.

“We remain loyal to our century-old tradition and our commitment to excellence, innovation and integrity in the creation and production of our sparkling wines. Passion for what we do is what we share with elBullifoundation. Since the Wine Sapiens project began to take shape, we have supported the work of Ferran Adrià and Ferran Centelles to develop the most extensive compendium of wine knowledge made to date. We have also actively helped this multidisciplinary encyclopedia and its holistic approach on the world of wine and gastronomy reach the widest possible audience,” said Meritxell Juvé, CEO of Juvé & Camps who represents the family’s 4th generation and was unable to attend the launch since she is due to give birth in the coming days.

Joan Juvé presentando la Bullipedia en Nueva York

“A few years ago, we embarked upon the Bullipedia project with the purpose of bringing together in a holistic way all the existing knowledge on the gastronomic restaurant sector in one place, delving on subjects such as the world of wine, the service at a restaurant, cooking, management, and history. In short, this is a project that aims to make future industry professionals better and to encourage self-learning. Wine Sapiens is one of the great chapters under the Bullipedia project and should be useful to all wine professionals working in the restaurant sector.” 

Ferran Centelles added that “it is thanks to Juvé & Camps that elBullifoundation was able to translate and publish this masterful compendium of knowledge in English, a project that seeks to gather, generate, and organize the content needed to create the most complete wine encyclopedia focused on gastronomy and customer service. The book combines creativity and innovation with the purpose of becoming a learning and educational tool. Over the years our connection to Juvé & Camps is one of friendship and respect for what we consider to be one of the most appreciated brands in the wine-making world.” 

During the launch at Carnegie Hall guests were able to see the English translation of the first two volumes of Wine Sapiens. The series comprises eight volumes focused on the world of wine from several perspectives: science, art, and gastronomy, in collaboration with internationally renowned experts in the industry such as Pedro Ballesteros, MW and Antonio Tomás, Researcher and Professor at Laboratorios Excell Ibérica, a R&D firm specialized in the wine sector, Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers and other experts of international stature.

Juvé & Camps is committed to supporting elBullifoundation with the translation of the remaining volumes of the Wine Sapiens collection. The winery is known for its continuous efforts to spread the culture of wine and gastronomy throughout the country, and the spirit is kept alive by Joan Juvé and is reinforced by the drive of the family’s fourth generation embodied by Meritxell Juvé, both of whom have supported the dissemination of this impressive collection to an international audience.

The translated edition will be available for shipping in the United States starting tomorrow, May 5th at 00:00 Central European Time (6 pm Eastern Time), via the following link: https://elbullistore.com/  Price: € 120 per volume (+ shipping costs)

The event featured an exclusive tasting of some of the century-old winery’s sparkling wines, such as its emblematic Gran Reserva, Juvé & Camps Reserva de la Familia, a pioneering brut nature that broke new ground when it first appeared in 1976; the three sparkling wines from specific plots that make up the Milesimé gran reserve collection: Xarel·lo from Olivera, Chardonnay from Can Rius and Pinot Noir from Rieral; and the winery’s most prestigious cuvées, three exceptional sparkling wines that are only made in extraordinary vintages: La Siberia, a 100% Mediterranean Pinot Noir aged more than 100 months; Gran Juvé & Camps, a long-aged sparkling wine resulting from the selection of base wines specially qualified for slow aging; and La Capella, a Paraje Calificado (Qualified Location) Cava from its fifty-year-old Xarel·lo vineyards.

Bullipedia Wine Sapiens

Wine Sapiens’ first two volumes.

The first volume of Wine Sapiens, Contextualization and Viticulture, focuses on the contextualization of wine and seeks to answer a rather ambiguous and extensive question: What is wine? The book examines wine from different perspectives and bases its research on questions such as: “Is wine a natural product?” or “what is the role of nature in wine production?”, among others. It also contains an approach to viticulture and its way of providing raw materials through the application of agronomic technology; discussions on vineyard types, producers, winemakers, and philosophies applied to the care of vineyards, placing special emphasis on the climatic conditions that make the difference between one wine and another.

Volume 2, Vinification and classifications, questions whether something as concrete as winemaking happens only during fermentation in the cellar or if it starts in the vineyard or even expands in time and space once the wine has been bottled. This volume explains production techniques from a scientific point of view, although it does not forget that winemaking can become an art if its result provokes excitement and emotion in us.  

The entire compendium has been created using the Sapiens method, which is captured in the phrase coined by Ferran Adrià: “Know in order to learn; learn in order to create” which is about contextualizing, interpreting, comparing, identifying, arranging, and associating data and multidisciplinary knowledge from a holistic and integrative perspective.