“From the terroir to the glass” with Toni Cantos, winemaker from Juvé & Camps

2023 / 11 / 05
Toni Cantos, enólogo de Juvé & Camps

Toni Cantos has spent many years analyzing the grapes at the root of the vine, taking care of the production processes, choosing the ideal moment to start the harvest or creating coupages that have become true icons of the house. We shared a conversation with him to learn more about what it’s like to work at Juvé & Camps.

What makes the Celler d’Espiells so special?

I think what makes Celler d’Espiells very special are two key factors: its architecture, which is spectacular; and another is that it is located in the center of the Espiells estate, with all the vineyards with which we make our wines around it, and that gives it a privileged location so that the grapes take as little time as possible to reach the winery at the right time. to process it during the harvest.

How is to work with a family so historically linked to the world of cava and wine?

It is an honor and a pleasure, they are a family that feels the terroir, feels what it does and has been carrying out this great company for many years.

What are the values that define Juvé & Camps?

I think the main one is love for the land, betting on varieties such as Xarel lo and making long-aging and Brut Nature products, such as Reserva de la Familia and many others that we make. Respecting this land includes working in organic farming for almost 10 years and continuing to investigate and find ways to make vine growing and wine making more sustainable.

How do you imagine the future of Juvé & Camps?

I envision a bright future for Juvé & Camps. I believe that we have enough elements to continue making great wines and that they are increasingly recognized for their prestige and quality.

A cava to celebrate?

Not a cava, all of Juvé & Camps! The most iconic cava is the Reserva de la Familia and it is a winning bet or the Gran Juvé & Camps which is the maximum expression of our elaborations.

A wine to conquer?

I am a huge fan and I love the latest youngest to hit the market, Flor de Xarel·lo. It is a 100% xarel·lo from the vineyards of the Espiells estate and I think it can take the step well.

Your favorite place to enjoy a Siberia?

To quietly enjoy a Siberia… on a summer day, a harvest day, when the work is over and the sun begins to go down, sheltered in some shade and enjoying the landscape.

Thank you very much, Tony. We wish you many more years of success and great cavas and wines.