Reserva de la Familia Rosé Juvé & Camps Centennial Edition, a unique and unrepeatable cava to celebrate one hundred years of brilliant trajectory

2022 / 02 / 12
cava rosado juve y camps reserva de la familia rosé

Juvé & Camps presents Reserva de la Familia Rosé Centennial Edition, a unique and unrepeatable sparkling wine created to commemorate the first hundred years of the house. This wine, made from Pinot Noir planted by the Juvé family 30 years ago, pays tribute to the iconic Reserva de la Familia, the first brut nature Gran Reserva by Juvé & Camps, created in 1976. Its launch broke with the tradition of sparkling wines With a more usual dosage at the time, and over time, it has become an internationally admired reference, representing the non-conformist philosophy of Juvé & Camps throughout the world.

Today, the house is launching Reserva de la Familia Rosé Centennial Edition, reinterpreting this milestone with a sparkling rosé featuring a unique Pinot Noir with a strong Mediterranean character. It is a variety fully adapted to its vineyards, for which the family bet more than 30 years ago, with a completely innovative vision. As Meritxell Juvé explains, “the Reserva de la Familia is a very special wine for us. My family made it for the first time more than four decades ago and, then, it was already breaking with the established, because it was a sparkling wine without dosage, something unusual. Now we want to celebrate the first 100 years of Juvé & Camps with this Centennial Edition Reserva de la Familia Rosé, an exclusive, limited and unrepeatable rosé version of this emblematic cava, and show with it our interpretation of a variety in which we have believed firmly all these years as is the Pinot Noir. I am sure that this sparkling wine will accompany the toasts, moments and meals of many families who have known our house for years and, in some way, are already part of it”.

Reserva de la Familia Rosé Centennial Edition is made from grapes selected from the best 100% organic plots of Pinot Noir de Juvé & Camps in the 2018 vintage. This was a vintage that required enormous effort to obtain ripe fruits, with the perfect balance and exceptional acidity to create this very special wine, which symbolizes the century-old history of the house. The 40 months of rhyme aging in the cellars provide a beautiful complexity to the fruity and Mediterranean expression of the rosé and its versatility is ideal to accompany a whole meal.

cava reserva de la familia rose juve y camps gran reserva brut nature

Tasting note cava Reserva de la Familia Rosé

Reserva de la Familia Rosé Centennial Edition has a beautiful pale pink color and a continuous, tireless bubble. It is complex, with aromas of ripe red fruits, wild berries and boudoir flowers that dance together with milky notes of strawberry yogurt and gourmand and bakery touches. It enters the mouth gently, caressing the palate and leaving a sensation of sensual and exciting effervescence. It is lively, creamy and round, deliciously balanced and with a lovely finish of ripe red fruit.