Sparkling wines that harmonize with surprising and exotic dishes

2022 / 07 / 01
espumoso armonía con platos exóticos

Far from what we are used to hearing, sparkling wines harmonize with all the dishes on a menu, not just with desserts. The elaborate Juvé & Camps are very versatile and pair perfectly with dishes that you might never have imagined.

Sparkling wines are very refreshing concoctions that cleanse the palate, which is why they harmonize deliciously with fried dishes. The “huevos rotos”, the croquettes, the fish & chips or the fried chicken are excellent recommendations that, although we are not used to hearing, will provide you an exquisite experience.

The umami, fifth flavor, pairs very well with the gran reserva. Some of the foods that enjoy great nuances of this flavor are truffles, cured cheese, gran reserva ham or roast chicken.

They are also capable of balancing the intensity of seafood dishes and complementing creamy recipes. Lobster velouté soup or risottos are ideal proposals.

Another surprising characteristic of sparkling wines is their ability to withstand the intensity of spices. So they are the perfect companions to exotic Asian or Indian dishes. Do you dare to try it with a biryami?

We tell you a secret to knowing how to choose the sparkling wine that best matches your recipe. For stronger dishes, red meats, seafood with an intense flavor, stews… choose a great reserve. The freshest varieties will be those that accompany salads, tartars, sushi or other raw dishes.

Finally, we will discover the perfect match for sparkling rosés. You will be right with its complement if you offer it with brie, carpaccios, raspberries with white chocolate or macarons.

By following these simple tips, you will surprise with innovative and unconventional combinations. Choose your sparkling wine in our online store and complement it with an unexpected proposal.