“The heritage of terroir” with Meritxell Juvé

2023 / 09 / 06
Meritxell Juvé, en viñedos de Juvé & Camps

We met Meritxell Juvé in the Espiells vineyards, very close to the winery where the house’s great sparkling wines are made. The sky is clear and a gentle breeze accompanies us. After a walk among the vineyards, we take the opportunity to talk about the terroir in which we find ourselves and discover some of the latest news from Juvé & Camps.


Meritxell, after 100 years of history, how has the terroir and family legacy influenced the new Juvé & Camps wines?

One of the most important legacies that we try to pass on from generation to generation in the Juvé family is the love and respect for the terroir from which our grapes come. Without good grapes and a pampered and lovingly cared for terroir, great sparkling wines cannot be made. That is one of the great classic pillars of the origin of who we are and what has allowed us to continue with the family legacy.


That love for the terroir is reflected in the new Milesimé collection. What do you intend to convey?

In the Milesimé collection we wanted to express the three plots where the grapes we use for the Milesimé Chardonnay, the Milesimé Xarel·lo and the Milesimé Blanc de Noirs made with Pinot Noir are born. Each of the colors of the bottles reflects the essence of its grape. In the case of the Milesimé Chardonnay, it is the golden-yellow of the Chardonnay grape; in the Milesimé Xarel·lo, the characteristic green of this grape and in the Milesimé Blanc de Noirs the darker tones of the Pinot Noir.


How is the terroir transmitted in each glass of Milesimé?

We express the terroir through a variety and a specific vintage. Each Milesimé is a monovarietal: Chardonnay, Xarel·lo or Pinot Noir, aged for more than 36 months, are Gran Reserva. They are sparkling wines from a single plot, so they express all the character of the terroir.


The Milesimé Blanc de Noirs is one of the most curious sparkling wines, it is made with Pinot Noir but it is a sparkling white in the glass…

Exactly, Milesimé Blanc de Noirs combines the Rieral plot with the Blanc de Noirs production method, with which a sparkling white is obtained through a red grape.


Another of the wines that has surprised the most for its innovation is the Reserva de la Familia Rosé. How did the idea of reversing your most mythical sparkling wine come about?

The objective of the Reserva de la Familia Rosé Centenary Edition is to pay homage to the hundred years of Juvé & Camps history, when my great-grandparents founded the pillars of this house. We believed that the best way to pay homage to our house was by launching for the first time in history the pink edition of the great classic, of the origin, of what Juvé & Camps is: the Reserva de la Familia.


How would you describe the Reserva de la Familia Rosé?

It is a long-aged sparkling wine, with more than 36 months in the bottle. It is a Gran Reserva Brut Nature, just like the iconic Reserva de la Familia, and it is in a rosé version, so its main variety is Pinot Noir.


Finally, with what elaborate would you enjoy these moments?

Outdoor day: Essential Xarel·lo.

Terrace with sea views: Essential Pinot Noir.

Great occasions: Gran Juvé & Camps.

Saying goodbye to a great trip: Milesimé Chardonnay.


Thank you very much for your time, it has been a pleasure to share knowledge in this unique place.

Thanks to you, walking through the Juvé & Camps vineyards is always a unique experience. We invite all those who want to experience it through our Terroir Tour. See you soon!