Get the best out of your sparkling wine by uncorking it optimally

2022 / 19 / 09
descorchar botella de cava juvé & Camps

Surely on more than one occasion you have dreamed of astonishing your friends by uncorking the cava as the Napoleonic troops did, in the wild and spectacular sabrage style. But don’t worry, there are much more subtle, calm and safe ways to open your sparkling wine to keep the properties of your Juvé & Camps glass intact.

Four basic steps to succeed during the uncorking of sparkling wine

Keep in mind that in order for the bottle to preserve its organoleptic properties at its maximum performance, you must have stored your toast or pairing proposal in optimal conditions. As a key element of planning, keep in mind the optimal temperature to taste the cava (at a higher temperature, the pressure increases and the foam and liquid could shoot out). After fine-tuning in the preview, all you have to do is follow, with all the pomp it deserves, the uncorking ceremony of the sparkling wine in front of your guests:

  1. Forget having contests to see where the stopper goes the furthest or scaring guests with a loud explosion. Don’t shake the bottle like a man possessed either, you’re not a Formula 1 pilot. In this case, discretion will lead you to a stage of elegance that will favour you in your intention that the star be the Gran Juvé & Camps and not you. This Gran Reserva Brut cava -which is served at 7-8 degrees- is the most iconic of the wineries, made for five decades from the selection of the best macabeo, xarel·lo, parellada and chardonnay grapes from 100% organic vineyards and harvested by hand.
  2. After removing the bottle from its cooling source (fridge or ice bucket), dry it with a clean cloth, resting it on the table and keeping the container still. Then, slowly, start the protocol so that the cork is exposed. Remove the element that exposes the morion and loosens the wire with one hand, keeping the other on the neck of the bottle firmly and with the thumb on the cork (as a security element), with an orientation of between 30 and 45%. In the case of the Juvé & Camps Reserva de la Familia, instead of the morion you will find the iconic metal clip.
  3. Once you remove the morion, it’s time to grab the cork with one hand and the bottle with the other, while gently rotating its base until you hear a gaseous pressure release sound (not noisy at all). At this time, do not forget to keep the bottle tilted so that the pressure of the foam does not cause the liquid to spill. This way you will keep intact the tremendously seductive, fresh, vibrant spirit of Juvé & Camps Reserva de la Familia sparkling wine, made from the flower must of the triumvirate varieties of cava macabeo, xarel·lo and parellada.
  4. Serve your sparkling wine glass at a 45% angle, holding the bottom of the bottle. This way the bubbles will not escape and the sparkling wine will maintain all the flavour and aromas of its double fermentation. In this way, the Juvé & Camps Reserva Brut Milesimé cava will shine in all its splendor, with its fine and well-integrated bubble, with a pleasant creamy mouthfeel. Thanks to its aromas of ripe fruit, vine peaches, and lactic notes, it will remind you of warm years with little rainfall. And if you are one of those who has a low temperature as a standard, you can cool the glasses with ice to accentuate the sensation of freshness in your guests.


          Now is the time to enjoy that special toast or a food and wine experience at home, surrounded by your friends or family, together with Juvé & Camps premium sparkling wines.