“The Vertical Symphony of the centenary” with Glòria Vilomara, oenologist of Juvé & Camps

2023 / 03 / 01
Glòria Vilomara, enóloga de Juvé y Camps

It’s a bright summer afternoon, the vineyards ripple in the gentle Mediterranean breeze, and we find ourselves at the Celler d’Espiells with Glòria Vilomara, oenologist at Juvé & Camps.

What can you tell us about the Vertical Symphony created especially for the centenary?

The Vertical Symphony are 3 vintages of the Reserva de la Familia specially chosen for the centenary. They are very special vintages and we have believed that they were the most appropriate to share with the public, each one due to its peculiarities.

What does vertical tasting mean?

It means that different vintages of the same product are tasted. In the case of Vertical Symphony, the vintages of 2009, 2012 and 2015 are tasted. They do not have to be followed, but in a vertical tasting you can compare the same product in different years where the weather influences and differences are created between each one of them. them.

A cava to celebrate?

Milesimé! Because I love its elegance, its freshness, it is suitable for any celebration and for me it is one of the best for special occasions.

A wine to conquer?

Miranda, for its versatility, for its freshness, for its complexity and because it accompanies good moments.

Where would you enjoy a Gran Juvé & Camps?

Gran Juvé… perhaps at a special dinner… Yes! Something in petit committee plan.

What makes the Celler d’Espiells so special?

Everything, the environment, the winery… is located in a spectacular landscape, surrounded by vineyards from our area and Montserrat in the background.

What are the values that define Juvé & Camps?

Above all, quality, exceptionality, elegance, prestige and great care and pampering of the vineyard, the tasks in the winery… it is a family that is highly committed to the company and to the daily work.

What would you say to the Juvé family on its centenary?

I congratulate them, I wish many more years, many more successes and I hope to continue being part of this wonderful adventure so that we can continue working on this together.

Thank you very much, Glòria. We have really enjoyed your conversation in this idyllic setting.