Respectful pruning, the viticulture revolution

2023 / 15 / 05
viñedos ecológicos juvé y camps

Respect for the land and our natural resources is a fundamental pillar at Juvé & Camps. Our viticulture team, with Pep Jiménez as manager, is always up to date with the latest innovations and technical recommendations to take care of our vineyards with the utmost respect for our natural environment.

In Juve & Camps we apply the respect pruning, a method that recovers the tradition of letting the plant in freedom avoiding aggressive pruning. Thus, we ensure the longevity of the vineyard and keep it healthy.

Aggressive pruning shortens the life of the vineyard, as a high percentage of dead wood is wasted, which becomes the focus where various diseases of the vine are generated.

Respectful pruning allows the natural development of the plant and preserves its lymphatic system, which prepares the vineyard to deal with water stress. It is a technique that favors growth, causes fewer injuries and offers a more sustainable and profitable viticulture.

For Juve & Camps, respect pruning is much more than a viticulture technique. It is to value our land, protect the landscape and nature and pay tribute to our ancestors, preserving their legacy.

In addition to respectful pruning, we carry out other actions that allow us to live in harmony with our environment.

viñedos ecológicos juvé y camps

6 other actions to protect our natural environment

Promotion of biodiversity

We avoid the use of insecticides and pesticides and use non-aggressive methods to control pests.

We preserve the habitat of animals with insect hotels, protection of burrows, nest boxes, reforestation…

Animal Alliance

We collaborate with local shepherds so that their herds graze in our vineyards, helping to clean and fertilize the land while benefiting from natural grazing.

Organic vineyard

We are committed to organic farming, ensuring the most authentic expression of each variety in the terroir where it thrives best. Our ecological vineyards are among the most important in Spain.

Water management

We carry out tillage aimed at conserving and optimizing the water reserves of the soil.

Mineral balance

We avoid the exhaustion of the land with organic treatments rich in nutrients and with periods of up to 7 years of fallow .

Vegetable cover

We seek the balance between the vineyard and the environment, maintaining the vegetation cover whenever possible. In Mediona, the climate is cooler and the rainfall is more generous and we can maintain it throughout the year.

viñedos juvé y camps

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