The most romantic sparkling wines for this Valentine’s Day

2022 / 14 / 02
blanc de noirs san valentin

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate and enjoy a good evening with our favorite person. How to liven up the date and surprise our partner? With the appropriate sparkling or wine. It is not always easy to choose the best toast for each occasion. We lend you a hand and present our selection for this Valentine’s Day. And why not? Also some ideas for a different date.

5 cavas and wines to surprise on Valentine’s Day

Juvé & Camps · Blanc de Noirs

A different and surprising interpretation of Pinot Noir. A very delicate and special elaboration: manual harvest and gentle pressing to avoid the coloration of the must.

Ideal date: A walk to a charming viewpoint to watch the sunset and, as night falls, an intimate dinner with a view and without light pollution. Blanc de Noirs is best enjoyed under the stars.

vino blanco gregal d'espiells propietat d'espiells

Propietat d’Espiells · Gregal d’Espiells 2021

A breath of fresh air, like the Gregal wind, which comes from the Mediterranean to bring freshness to the d’Espiells estate.

Ideal date: A chat under the midday sun, watching the waves break with a Mediterranean aperitif. After lunch, a barefoot walk along the seashore.

vino rosado el rosado pagos de anguix

Pagos de Anguix · El Rosado 2021

A rosé with great personality that expresses all the richness of the Burgos Ribera del Duero.

Ideal date: A picnic in nature at sunset. Sit on the ground in front of a river, breathe fresh air and relax with a glass of rosé wine.

cava milesimé juvé y camps

Juvé & Camps · Milesimé

Complexity, elegance and aromatic explosion in all its splendor, the character of the terroir from which it comes.

Ideal date: Jazz music, carpaccio and cheese for two and an intimate and cozy light. Valentine’s Day can also be celebrated in the heart of the city.

vino tinto prado lobo pagos de anguix ribera del duero

Pagos de Anguix · Prado Lobo

With this wine it has been possible to show the typicity of the terroir, the Prado Lobo area, in a long-term wine that improves with bottle aging. A ripe and silky tannin is presented, fresh and lively at the same time. Long aromatic persistence (vanilla, tobacco, spices, black fruits) seeking the friendliness and elegance of a great harvest from the Ribera del Duero.

Ideal date: A good dinner in a rural house in the mountains, with the fireplace lit and listening to the creaking of the wood. Disconnect from technology and enjoy the company away from the hustle and bustle.


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