What is a sensory wine tasting?

2021 / 27 / 07
sensorial wine tast

Tasting a Penedès or Ribera del Duero wine is much more than detecting whether the flavor is pleasant to our palate. It’s a complex sensory exercise, organoleptic analysis, which will allow us to appreciate the qualities of the wine through the senses of sight, smell, taste and oral touch.

As far as flavor is concerned, wine is the richest and most varied product that humans consume. The atmospheric conditions, the soil in which vine grows, the variety of the strains, the grape ripening and the vinification and conservation processes will determine the final qualities of a wine. So, depending on its origin, each wine has its own personality.

Below we offer you six proposals to enjoy an intimate moment with the wines from Juvé & Camps wineries:

Aurora d’Espiells, rosé wine D.O. Penedès / Flor de Xarel·lo d’Espiells, white wine D.O. Penedès

First impact is always visual. Aurora d’Espiells rosé wine symbolises the first moments of dawn in Penedès, when sun’s rays are about to appear over the horizon. Its pale pink, with orange tones, is the expression of its spirit.

Made only with the flower must of the most classic variety in the area -xarel·lo-, and according to an ecological method consisting of a manual selection of the vineyards, we are faced with a white wine D.O. Penedès of golden color, fine, clean and bright.

Barrueco, red wine D.O. Ribera del Duero / El Rosado, rosé wine D.O. Ribera del Duero

After that, sense of smell comes into play to continue exploring wine qualities. In the Barrueco red wine are detected clear notes of toasted almonds and hazelnuts that surround a deep background of red fruits. Afterwards, memories of vanilla, coffee, cocoa and reminiscences of cedar and tobacco leaves. It represents the pure expression of the places in Ribera del Duero that have seen its birth.

On the property of Pagos de Anguix, more than 850 meters high -in the heart of Ribera del Duero-, this magnificent rosé made with Tinto Fino and Albillo Mayor varieties emerges. The aroma of red and bone fruits, with hints of syrup and honey, is accompanied by an attractive floral and balsamic background.

Ermita d’Espiells, white wine D.O. Penedès

Later we enter the sphere of taste, in which an explosion of sensations converge on our palate, combined with the memory left by the previous olfactory notes. The white Ermita d’Espiells (from the wineries that Juvé & Camps owns in Penedès), with aromas of fruit on a subtle floral background, results in a refreshing sensation on the palate; it’s a delicate, subtle and balanced white wine on palate.

Viña Escarlata, red wine Reserva D.O. Penedès

Finally, it’s the turn of the mouth touch, as a closing to the sensory wine tasting. The red Reserva D.O. Penedès, is an unctuous, wide and round wine. With a persistent flavor, it has a seductive silky texture and firm tannin (which will allow it to evolve with nobility in the bottle for at least five years).

Once each wine has passed through the four sensory stages, we will be able to make a global evaluation of it according to our subjective criteria and personal preferences. The six Juvé & Camps proposals offer you representative wines from Penedès and Ribera del Duero. From the land to your table, so you can enjoy them alone or in company.