The perfect glass to serve red, white and rosé wines

2021 / 27 / 12
copa para servir vino

Enjoying the flavor, aroma, color and texture of a red, white or rosé wine is a very rewarding, subjective and personal experience. To raise it to a higher level, you must take into account the glass in which you will serve it, in order to enhance its organoleptic characteristics.

The must of wine glasses

Like the containers to taste the cava, the wine glasses will be made of smooth and transparent glass, moving away from the carved, engraved and colorful goblets. In this way you will be able to perfectly see the chromatic expression and purity of the wine you are going to taste.

Regarding the thickness, it must be minimal – about one millimeter – and the stem must allow the glass to be grasped without coming into contact with the liquid (a fact that would affect its serving temperature and spoil the experience).

Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses for the king of wines

They are shaped like a balloon with a wide throat and inward curved edges. Its wide opening allows the wine to breathe and its aromas to be appreciated. Among others, the Bordeaux and Burgundy models stand out, which will help you make the most of the acidity, body, sweetness, fruit and tannins of red wine.

Costalara, D.O. Ribera del Duero will show all the character of its unique terroir, above 800 meters above sea level and its mature age (after 12 months resting in French and American oak barrels), in the Burgundy glass (more closed and with more ball than Bordeaux), in which the broth will oxygenate very adequately.

Casa Vella d’Espiells, D.O. Penedès will express its uniqueness in a Bordeaux glass (reminiscent of a tulip), thanks to the nobility of the Bordeaux variety Cabernet Sauvignon that grows in Mediona. Its aromatic expression is intense and deep, with an unctuous and opulent mid palate and a lingering finish with hints of spice.

The perfect balance to maintain the freshness of white wine

Here we find smaller containers and with a more closed mouth than those of its red brother. This will keep the liquid temperature cooler. The foot of the white wine models is longer to avoid, in this way, heating the drink with the fingers and palm of the hand when taking the glass.

We would highlight, in this section, the Chardonnay glass, in which the ecological wine Ermita d’Espiells, D.O. Penedès would show its balanced blend (Xarel·lo, Macabeo, Parellada and a touch of Chardonnay) and aromas of fresh white fruit (pear and apple), on a subtle background of white flowers, topped by a touch of citrus (lemon) and herbaceous.

A special glass for soft and fresh rosé wines

On many occasions, the white wine glass is also valid for rosé wines, although there are also specific models (with a short goblet and a slightly flared rim). El Aurora d’Espiells, D.O. Penedès and El Rosado de Pagos de Anguix, D.O. Ribera del Duero (both belonging to the Juvé & Camps family of wines) shine thanks to their wide range of fruit aromas and floral notes.

The suggestive notes of red and black fruits (currants and raspberries) make Aurora d’Espiells show all its freshness and lightness in a glass of rosé wine. The same happens to the Pagos de Anguix proposal, which offers aromas of red and stone fruits, hints of syrup and honey and a balsamic background, as a sign of a sweet and opulent personality. A point of mineral acidity surprises on the palate.

There are multiple glass options on the market for red, white and rosé wines from D.O. Penedès and D.O. Ribera del Duero show themselves with all their expressiveness and strength. Enjoy it!