“We work so that our crop coexists naturally with the environment” Pep Jiménez, Director of Viticulture

2024 / 15 / 01
Pep Jimenez, Director de Viticultura de Juvé & Camps

The vegetative cycle of the vine is made up of different moments: budding, foliation, flowering, fertilization and fruiting, veraison, ripening, harvest and hibernation. Pep Jiménez is the Director of Viticulture at Juvé & Camps and is in charge of keeping our vineyards cared for and in excellent condition to obtain grapes of the best quality. In addition, he directs organic viticulture and a vineyard naturalization project with which he is committed to maximum respect for the plant and the environment.

Surrounded by vineyards and observed by the imposing presence of the Montserrat Mountain, we spoke with him to learn his expert vision on viticulture, naturalization, respectful pruning and the parcel project of the Milesimé sparkling wines.

What is vineyard naturalization?

It is bringing the cultivation of the vine closer to nature, the environment and biodiversity. We work so that our cultivation coexists naturally with the environment.

How do we work in a more environmentally friendly way?

We intervene as little as possible. We must let nature and the balance of our vineyards flow and the human side intervene as little as possible.

What actions do we carry out to protect biodiversity in the vineyards?

One of the important parts of protecting biodiversity is biological pest control. We apply a sexual confusion treatment to control pests in our vineyard.

What is respect pruning?

It is a pruning system that we apply on our estate to help our vineyards live many more years, be healthier and offer us higher quality grapes.

How do we collaborate with local pastors?

In the winter season, local shepherds in our area graze our vineyards with the aim of feeding these animals, controlling the growth of weeds in our vineyard and, at the same time, the excrement fertilizes the fields.

What information will the parcel project provide us?

It will provide us with very important information about the part of our subsoil, which is the area that we cannot observe and where the roots of our vines are located.

From which plot does each of the sparkling wines in the Milesimé Collection come?

The Milesimé Chardonnay comes from the Can Rius plot, Blanc de Noirs and Rosé from Rieral and Xarel·lo from l’Olivera.

Thank you very much for your time and your work in the vineyard, Pep.